The Haves and Have Nots for Finance

All I ever hear about is Gaps in Finance. This creates our haves and have nots.  There is: The SME funding gap – According to […]

Flexible Early Pay Funding Models Emerge for Corporate Treasurers

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Are Logistic Companies Waking up to Trade Finance?

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Flexible Funding No longer an Option for Large Corporate Early Pay Platforms

Many large Corporates now run multiple early pay finance programs, doing a bit of dynamic discounting over here, pcards for some smaller suppliers, some supply […]

SMBs Need Relationship-Based Financing and Alternative Providers Can Help

Trade Financing Matters welcomes this guest post from Calum Williamson, Managing Director/ President for Bibby Financial Services Canada More than half of small or medium-sized […]

With a Digital Economy, You Dont Need the Equifaxs of the World

In the USA, we rely on credit bureaus to help us assess consumer and business credit risk. A 150 years ago, the person that granted […]

Benchmarking FinTech Business Lending by Company Size

Why Company Size matters when it comes to adopting Alternative Finance We see various alternative finance techniques being offered to companies by size. Generally, size […]

There are just too many Supply Chain Finance Conferences

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