How Tax Reform May Impact Corporates Self-Funding Early Pay programs

The tax overhaul approved by Congress could have significant consequences for early pay and supply chain finance programs. It is projected there is over 1.25 […]

Are We Tired of 2018 Predictions Yet?

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Christmas, Bitcoin and Getting Back to Original Intent

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Will Lack of Regulation Kill Cryptocurrency Use for Supplier Payments?

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Is it time to Start Paying Some Suppliers Using Cryptocurrency?

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Phasing out Libor & Potential Impact on Supply Chain Finance Programs

The U.K. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced in July that LIBOR will be phased out by year end 2021. According to a recent report by […]

Predicting Dilution is key for Invoice Finance Solutions

Trade Financing Matters welcomes this guest post from Sabeen Ahmed, COO  and Chief Credit Officer of Interface Finance Group There are few truisms left anymore […]

Samsung Creates 450M Supplier Financing Fund, I Think!

So did you hear the one about borrowing money for free to pay your own suppliers? That’s similar to the 9+ trillion in negative yielding bonds […]