Traxpay Reinvents Themselves as a Digital Lender

In the world of dedicated Supply Chain Finance platforms, there are not many vendors.  There are the two that have been around for some time […]

Is There a Middle Market Liquidity Gap?

Middle market companies truly are the heart and soul of America. Many are family owned or private equity backed, and quite a few have foreign […]

Where to Start when Management Gives the Working Capital Mandate

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Update on Where Institutional Investors Can Buy Trade Receivables? – Non Bank Sources

The challenges in making a market for trade assets are several and significant. First, as an asset class, it is poorly understood by end investors. […]

Australia Leader Sites Corporate Extortion of Small Suppliers

In a 5 April article in the Australian publication The Age (which I encourage you to read here), Australia’s small business ombudsman Kate Carnell singles […]

Update on Where Institutional Investors Can Buy Trade Receivables? Post 1

If you listen to some of the publications out there, you would think that trade is already an asset class and all you have to […]

Why supporting entrepreneurs and communities are essential?

Trade Financing Matters welcomes this guest post from Grace Leung Shing, CEO of Startwise a revenue-sharing crowdfunding platform that help individuals realize dreams, build companies […]

American Express Thinking Beyond the Card

American Express has long wanted companies to use cards – plastic, purchasing cards, virtual cards, ghost cards, you name it. The pitch to buyers to […]