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Highlights of The Americas Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report

The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance and the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Chicago Booth School of Business recently collaborated on research […]

Online Options for Small Business Term Loans > 250K

There are many online lending options offering small business term loans for under $250K. But what does a business do if they need more than […]

Online Non Bank Models for Small Business Term Loans

Last week we talked about a couple different online lending models for small business– Merchant cash advances and invoice finance platforms.  Today, we look at […]

The Devil is in the Detail – Different type of Marketplace and Peer to Peer lenders

Different peer to peer and online lending models for small business are often thrown together but there are obvious differences between the segments. Take for […]

Why Marketplace Platforms Need Skin in the Game: An Interview with Glenn Goldman

I recently spoke with Glenn Goldman, CEO of Credibly. Glenn pioneered merchant cash advance lending at CAN Capital in early 2001, starting out lending to […]

How Marketplace Lenders Can Better Protect Investors

How do the new age of fintech providers that offer platforms for investors and originate credit protect an investor’s investment? When an investor buys into […]

Captive Origination provides Real Advantages to Networks

If you look at vendors selling transactional finance, the ones that have the best chance of success are those that have a captive network - […]

Why should African Receivables Provide Same Investor Return as Coke’s Suppliers Receivables?

I have seen many ventures in the market recently centered around creating assets off of commercial trade transactions, leveraging information, technology, smart phone apps, etc., […]

Tungsten Network Sells Bank – Self Funding Days Over

After giving shareholders an 85% haircut from their trading highs, Tungsten decided to unwind one part of their original IPO strategy – buying a bank […]

It Feels Like 1999 All Over Again for Marketplace Lending

In some ways it feels like 1999 all over again in the fintech B2B lending world. It seems there is no shortage of new consumer […]

If You Lend, There Will be Defaults – Why AltFin Will Become More Like Banks

You can't automate B2B lending 100% just on API, human element will always remain...20 year veteran in lending I recently spoke to one angel investor […]