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Why C2FO needs Institutional Money to Solve Seller’s Request for Funds Across Network

Congrats on C2FO for building a network particularly in the retail, technology and CPG space where you can go to Fortune 100 and say 30% […]

AGCOs Working Capital Mandate brings success with SCF

I recently had a conversation with AGCO’s Director of materials and logistics for North America Dustin Barney.   Dustin has responsibility for all direct materials that […]

Is Bank funding insufficient to meet demand for Supply Chain Finance?

I have had this question asked to me a few times by bankers and others interested in knowing if supply chain finance arrangers/ funding sources, […]

B2B Marketplaces Leave Buyers – Sellers Empty on Finance

Alan Turing: I like solving problems, Commander. And Enigma is the most difficult problem in the world. Commander Denniston: Enigma isn't difficult, it's impossible. The […]

German Body Rules on Accounting Treatment for Supply Chain Finance

Recently the IDW, the privately organized supervisory authority of all accounting and audit firms in Germany, produced a ruling around supply chain finance and accounting […]

5 Things Procurement Needs to Know about Buyer-Led Supply Chain Finance

While Procurement does not usually drive the decisions around adopting a supply chain finance program, they most certainly play a huge role in supplier adoption. […]

Putting the Big Squeeze on Australian Payment Practices

Brace yourself for impending change through a dire need for innovation in supply chain finance. As George Papanikolopoulos, Head of Supply Chain Innovation at Timelio […]

Uber, Surge Pricing, and the Impact on Supply Chain Finance

Uber is perhaps the one of the best companies out there applying behavioral science to address market conditions to balance demand and supply. Since Uber […]

Its 2016 & Banks Rush to Defend SCF in Light of Abengoa

“Balance sheet treatment of APF is hot (post Abengoa).” Senior Trade Banker So all of a sudden I hear just because one analyst from Moody’s […]

How Blockchain Will Underpin the Future of Global Trade Finance

I am moderating a panel today on the above subject and there is certainly a lot of noise and seed funding going on in trade. […]

Why 2016 is Not Proving to be a Transformational Year for Business Finance

If you build it, he will come. Field of Dreams, 1989 Basware’s CEO Esa Tihila made the comment that 2016 will be a transformational year […]

Would You Buy Tungsten Network Stock?

Elliot: A bug is never just a mistake. It represents something bigger. An error of thinking that makes you who you are. ‘Mr. Robot” 2015 Being […]