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5 Things Procurement Needs to Know about Buyer-Led Supply Chain Finance

While Procurement does not usually drive the decisions around adopting a supply chain finance program, they most certainly play a huge role in supplier adoption. […]

Uber, Surge Pricing, and the Impact on Supply Chain Finance

Uber is perhaps the one of the best companies out there applying behavioral science to address market conditions to balance demand and supply. Since Uber […]

Its 2016 & Banks Rush to Defend SCF in Light of Abengoa

“Balance sheet treatment of APF is hot (post Abengoa).” Senior Trade Banker So all of a sudden I hear just because one analyst from Moody’s […]

How Blockchain Will Underpin the Future of Global Trade Finance

I am moderating a panel today on the above subject and there is certainly a lot of noise and seed funding going on in trade. […]

SAP & PrimeRevenue Partnership — Interview with PJ Bain, CEO of PrimeRevenue

Recently I had a chance to chat with PJ Bain, CEO of PrimeRevenue, and hear his thoughts around the firm's partnership with SAP. I always say there's one fact about a person that tells you a lot about him. PJ and I both enjoy sports, and I knew he played tight end on Georgia Tech’s football team. But I did not know he was a walk-on for those four years, which illustrated his passion for the game of football and his determination to be the best he can be. That passion carries over as CEO of a company he is taking to the next level with supply chain finance.

Is there a Complete Business Case for Reverse Factoring?

By now, we know the horse has long left the barn on Reverse Factoring as a technique for large Fortune 500 companies to extend terms.  […]

The Infrastructure Layer – A Framework to Understand Business Credit Post 1

Last week, we talked about how new models of business credit still require an understanding of the different layers that enable credit to occur. With […]

Replacement + Additive Deals to Fuel Supply Chain Finance Market

Banks have historically been the dominate provider of both platform and funding of reverse factoring (commonly called supply chain finance) programs over the last decade. […]

New Models of Business Credit Still Require Understanding of Framework

Understanding business credit should start with the different layers that enable credit to occur. Most of us like to jump to the latest finance technique […]

Global Business Intelligence Produces 4th Edition of Supply Chain Finance ebook

Do we really need another supply chain finance book or publication? I wrote a post about how Supply Chain Finance (“SCF”) is the new plastics […]

Bankers Do Not Understand Supply Chains — So How Can They Do Multi-Tier SCF?

It’s easy to discuss reverse factoring or some other supply chain finance technique from the standpoint of a credit product. But when thinking about supply […]

Trade Bodies Politics Don’t Help Banks Move the Needle

Traditional trade finance at many banks is seeing revenue collapse, margin compression, increased compliance costs, an unattractive employment career for millennials, layoffs and an actual […]