Down the Procurement Pub (Restaurant) with the IoD, Xchanging, the Garden Bridge, Cloudbuy and Julia Holter


Had a very good lunch this week at the Institute of Directors restaurant – much better than expected, strong flavours and good combinations. However, on lowering the tone and ordering a side order of chunky chips (sorry), we were shocked to get this dinky little basket with the grand total of six, yes, count ‘em – six chips. OK, they were quite chunky but not huge actually, and at £3.75 that worked out at 62.5p per chip. On querying this, the waitress said “yes, that is the portion size”. What gets me is that the marginal cost of providing say […]

Spend Matters 50/50: ProProcure – A Provider to Watch in 2015

We announced here and here our two (not ranked) lists: Spend Matters 50 To Know and 50 To Watch firms for 2015/2016. In the first case, this is our view of the 50 solution provider type organisations in the procurement industry that every senior procurement leader should be aware of and understand. The 50 To Watch are the up-and-coming firms  - those with interesting and relatively new solutions for our market. The 50 To Know are the key organisations in our industry that procurement executives need to have on their radar. Having announced the lists, our US colleagues are now featuring each of the […]

Get Your Priorities Straight, Procurement! [Plus +]


Back at the beginning of 2014, Peter Smith, chief research officer and managing director of Spend Matters UK/Europe and Public Spend Matters Europe, identified the top five things procurement professionals should focus on for the coming year. He reflected on these priorities in another one of our popular Ask the Expert webinars: Ask the Expert: 5 Priorities for Procurement Leaders in 2014. This top five list may have been based on trends at the time, but it remains relevant today for a procurement organization to continue creating value for its company, to innovate and improve.

Public Spend Matters Europe – Highlights from this Week


Here is our Friday run down of  what we have published for you this week on our site dedicated to exciting and fascinating matters connected with European public sector procurement. And before you even think about switching off ... around Europe, we are talking about well over a trillion Euros of money from taxpayers and citizens being spent by government and public sector bodies of some sort. Worth doing well, you might consider. Anyway, here are summaries of our features this week – do click though and read the full articles. Sweden May Introduce Collective Labour Agreements for Public Procurement […]

Optimising Your Game – At the Trade Extensions User Event

TE event

Yesterday we attended the second Trade Extensions European user conference at the impressive Arsenal Emirates Stadium. It was an event reserved for an exclusive number of users and potential users of the TESSTM sourcing optimisation software; about 40 attendees were treated to a day of talks, networking, nice food (although we expect not cooked by the hand of two-star Michelin Chef, Mr Raymond Blanc, responsible for the exclusive Arsenal Diamond Club’s culinary excellence, apparently), and a very interesting tour of the stadium itself. From arrival at the entrance hall, the first thing players are greeted with is a giant icon of […]

Procurement Technology – It’s All About the Audience

Alan Day, Chairman and Founder, State of Flux, a leading provider of contract lifecycle management, category management and strategic sourcing, and supplier management services, reflects on the real end user of the procurement system. Procurement technology is continually changing. Previously, the idea was to have a system that operated as a one-stop-shop, covering all of procurement’s needs. Finally it seems that we are starting to understand that it’s all about usability, and more often than not, procurement is not the main user of our systems. The trouble with the traditional one-stop-shop approach is that it is driven by what is easiest for […]

Defining a Process for Strategically Sourcing VMS and Services Procurement Technology [Plus +]


Today, we conclude our Spend Matters Plus series on sourcing VMS by exploring approaches and tactics to strategically source services procurement technology, including the VMS, and the best-practice role of an MSP in a sourcing process, either independent or inclusive of technology and managed services.

exceleratedS2P — A Very Good Overview of the Issues with S2P Solutions

At the recent eWorld Procurement and Supply event, a presentation from Conor Mullaney, a director of independent consultants exceleratedS2P, provided a very good overview of the issues around end-to-end source-to-pay software solutions. Mullaney gave a good balanced view, not too sales-y, which overall was somewhat favouring the single "source to pay" platform model without being too dogmatic about it. His firm work s with clients to implement eProcurement solutions; their background is principally around Ariba / SAP but they are also now involved with clients who are implementing Coupa and other solutions. Mullaney described how often, spend analysis and sourcing […]

Will Zycus Build Toward a PaaS Vision, Open Network and Virtualized Suite? [PRO]


Tuesday at Zycus Horizon, the provider articulated an early vision around platform-as-a-service (PaaS) to connect its applications with the outside world alongside a supplier network approach that will serve as a single portal interface (and more) for procurement and suppliers to enable walk-up open or invited registration, transactional document exchange/connectivity, supplier search/discovery and more. In this Spend Matters PRO article, we talk about how Zycus has an opportunity to become a virtualized suite and PaaS alternative to other procurement technology providers in the market.

A Quiet September For Our Spend Matters Stock Portfolio [Plus +]

stock exchange

September was a quiet month overall in terms of our Spend Matters Stock Portfolio and most major global stock markets. The Spend Matters portfolio of all 24 firms lost about half a percent of its initial Jan. 1 value during September. Our portfolio follows the progress of quoted companies that operate in whole or part in what we call the procurement solutions market. We are tracking the performance of these shares on various stock markets from Helsinki to New York via Paris and London. Check out the full post to how these procurement companies performed last month.

Challenges and Changes: What Digital Transformation Means for Contingent Workforce Procurement – Part 2 [Plus +]

road humps ahead

In Part 1 of this three-part series, we asserted that contingent workforce management is on a collision course with digital transformation. We discussed what digital transformation is and some ways that it may impact contingent workforce management as it is practiced at most businesses today. Finally, we concluded that “digital transformation readiness” of most contingent workforce management programs and practitioners is not where it needs to be to respond quickly and adequately to potentially rapid change. Beginning to understand the concept is the first step in moving toward “readiness.” Today, we identify and explain what kinds of changes and challenges are likely to arise as contingent workforce moves toward digital transformation.

How to Create the Perfect Procurement Scorecard [Plus +]

Businessman hand draws success words on whiteboard

In this Flashback Friday, we look back to another one of our most popular Ask the Expert webinars, Upgrade Your Procurement Scorecard – and Upgrade Your Procurement Performance. Originally recorded back in March 2014 and led by Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell, this webinar takes listeners through a variety of steps and questions a procurement organization will need to address to create an effective scorecard for tracking performance.