Employment or Self-employment? Procurement Needs to Understand Tax Issues


The world of contingent labour is getting more and more complicated, with increasing options for organisations that want to engage non-permanent staff – whether they call them interims, contractors, independent service providers ... or whatever. There are an increasing number of electronic platforms and marketplaces that help organisations engage individuals on a short-term basis to carry out certain work. There are many positives connected with this development; it can produce a boost to economies, and actually allows some groups of people who might otherwise struggle to be employed to do something useful and profitable (e.g. IT coders, or writers, who can […]

Procurement PR Isn’t About Selling Snake Oil


Sigi Osagie shares more of his expertise on effectiveness in Procurement & Supply Chain Management. He is also author of "Procurement Mojo: Strengthening the Function and Raising Its Profile’" see our review here - and for more information visit www.procurementmojo.com) Like it or not, perception can sometimes be more important than reality. That’s why successful consumer brands invest significant resources in creating positive perceptions of their brands. Purchasing folks can learn a lot from this to raise the profile of Procurement. People outside the function are more likely to be open to your ideas, buy into your agenda or become champions of […]

Will Zycus Build Toward a PaaS Vision, Open Network and Virtualized Suite? [PRO]


Tuesday at Zycus Horizon, the provider articulated an early vision around platform-as-a-service (PaaS) to connect its applications with the outside world alongside a supplier network approach that will serve as a single portal interface (and more) for procurement and suppliers to enable walk-up open or invited registration, transactional document exchange/connectivity, supplier search/discovery and more. In this Spend Matters PRO article, we talk about how Zycus has an opportunity to become a virtualized suite and PaaS alternative to other procurement technology providers in the market.

IBM CPO Bob Murphy – Analytics and AI at Heart of Procurement’s Future

Me and Bob Murphy IBM small

We featured a picture of him in one of our Friday "Down the Procurement Pub" columns recently, but we have not as yet written much about our meeting with Bob Murphy, the CPO of IBM – yes, he runs the whole lot, all $48 billion in third-party spend and several thousand people in the function. Murphy, an engineer by training, replaced the legendary John Paterson who retired last year, which makes it two Scotsman in a row. And he is another loyal company man, having worked for IBM for over thirty years. We covered a fair bit of ground, so […]

Tradeshift Launches Tradeshift Buy, a New eProcurement Solution


Tradeshift is a global network and platform that connects buyers and suppliers, and the firm is seen by some as the “enfant terrible” of the procurement technology world. That's not to downplay their success or vision, which, starting from Christian Lanng and his initial innovative eInvoicing proposition, has now expanded out into a much wider platform. That includes both their own "products" and an environment for others to provide their applications (such as Selectica / Iasta with their recent announcement we mentioned here). The image is more about the tone Tradeshift adopt, and their press release headline last week announcing […]

Garden Bridge Audit Report – An Illegal Procurement Process, Basically

london view painting

The audit report into the two procurement processes around the London Garden Bridge design and development services has been presented as in some way clearing Transport for London (TfL). The audit says it “ did not find any evidence that would suggest that the final recommendations did not provide value for money from the winning bidders”. But there is evidence of a shambolic and unprofessional process. Any procurement person reading the report can only assume that the aim was to appoint Heatherwick and Arup to the key roles, because those were the firms that the sainted Joanna Lumley and Boris […]

A Quiet September For Our Spend Matters Stock Portfolio [Plus +]

stock exchange

September was a quiet month overall in terms of our Spend Matters Stock Portfolio and most major global stock markets. The Spend Matters portfolio of all 24 firms lost about half a percent of its initial Jan. 1 value during September. Our portfolio follows the progress of quoted companies that operate in whole or part in what we call the procurement solutions market. We are tracking the performance of these shares on various stock markets from Helsinki to New York via Paris and London. Check out the full post to how these procurement companies performed last month.

A Firm but Fair Approach to Supplier Portal Use

Supplier portal engagement can be a major challenge: Daniel Ball, director at Wax Digital, UK eProcurement solution provider of Source-to-Pay solutions to mid-size and large organisations around the world, looks at how to best manage the process. For many businesses and their suppliers, adopting processes like eInvoicing is a no a brainer, enabling a quick and efficient transaction from both sides. Businesses that engage with their suppliers electronically claim it delivers many efficiencies for both parties, so why then are some organisations finding it a challenge to encourage their suppliers to trade in this way too? Large organisations or those […]

Challenges and Changes: What Digital Transformation Means for Contingent Workforce Procurement – Part 2 [Plus +]

road humps ahead

In Part 1 of this three-part series, we asserted that contingent workforce management is on a collision course with digital transformation. We discussed what digital transformation is and some ways that it may impact contingent workforce management as it is practiced at most businesses today. Finally, we concluded that “digital transformation readiness” of most contingent workforce management programs and practitioners is not where it needs to be to respond quickly and adequately to potentially rapid change. Beginning to understand the concept is the first step in moving toward “readiness.” Today, we identify and explain what kinds of changes and challenges are likely to arise as contingent workforce moves toward digital transformation.

How to Create the Perfect Procurement Scorecard [Plus +]

Businessman hand draws success words on whiteboard

In this Flashback Friday, we look back to another one of our most popular Ask the Expert webinars, Upgrade Your Procurement Scorecard – and Upgrade Your Procurement Performance. Originally recorded back in March 2014 and led by Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell, this webinar takes listeners through a variety of steps and questions a procurement organization will need to address to create an effective scorecard for tracking performance.

Opus Acquires Alacra: Market Possibilities and What it Means for Hiperos [PRO]

Accenture analysis

Opus Global has been out shopping for companies again, and this time it bought data aggregation and analytics capabilities in the form of Alacra. Opus announced the news yesterday. This Spend Matters PRO research brief takes a look at Opus’ recent acquisition of the 20-year-old data aggregation and analytics firm, which brings an impressive roster of premier data content partners along with it. We discuss the possible potential of this deal and what it might add to Opus’ other procurement-centric solution provider, Hiperos, and what it can mean from a bigger market perspective.

Sourcing VMS and Services Procurement Technology: Don’t Do This! [Plus +]

Yes No Maybe Signpost

This Spend Matters Plus research series provides a recommended approach to sourcing MSP, VMS and related technologies and services in a manner that will result in the most comprehensive set of options for procurement organizations, including purchasing a “bundled solution,” which may or may not be best, depending on requirements. We offer both foundational and more advanced sourcing approaches depending on procurement sophistication and relative services spend sophistication. In this first installment, we begin by exploring some of the challenges associated with relying solely on an MSP to make technology decisions for a client.