UK To Leave The EU – So Who Should We Blame?

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It's the morning after the night before for many British people. That feeling of waking up and thinking - did I really tell that joke in the pub last night? Oh my goodness, I have this vague memory that I might have propositioned our HR Director.  Why are there four kebab boxes in the kitchen, don't remember eating those .... Yes, we did really vote to leave the European Union. Despite the exit polls, the bookmakers throughout the process and the City all telling us that Remain was going to win, the Brexiteers got 52% of the vote and we're […]

Comments on Brexit From Wax Digital and 4C Associates

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We've started getting some comments in from our friends in the procurement industry. No doubt more will follow, but here are the first couple. Firstly, Daniel Ball from Wax Digital. “The leave outcome will be concerning many heads of procurement right now, especially those whose supply chains have for years taken advantage of beneficial EU trading agreements. There now starts a long period of uncertainty while decisions are made about the UK’s future relationship with Europe, whether it will engage in free trade agreements and so on. Those supplier relationships are likely to be impacted but how exactly is unknown, […]

Down the Procurement Pub – Forget That, There’s a Referendum To Discuss


Here is our all-purpose post referendum article, written ahead of knowing the result of course! Following a thrilling night of counting the votes from the referendum, it is clear now that the UK has voted to stay within the EU / leave the EU and plough our own course in the world. The deciding factor was clearly the worries about the economy if we were to leave / the threat of unlimited immigration from Eastern European countries. This clearly won the day, convincing the mass of undecided voters who were worried about their jobs and pensions / their future life […]

SynerTrade: Vendor Snapshot (Part 1) — Background and Solution Overview [PRO]


The speed and quality of procurement software development is changing at breakneck pace. SynerTrade, a provider that was not even on the map in North America 12 months ago, has been a significant beneficiary of this fundamental shift. SynerTrade provides a broad and deep source-to-pay (S2P) suite spanning both procurement and operational requirements. Read this Spend Matters PRO analysis to get all of the facts and expert analysis to determine if SynerTrade is right for your procurement organization, as well as other providers to consider in an evaluation alongside of it. This multipart research brief provides a SynerTrade company and solution history and overview, company-level SWOT analysis, product strengths and weaknesses, competitor analysis, user selection guides and insider evaluation and selection considerations.

Measuring for Success – the SRM Role

Mel Shutes, Executive Consultant & Head of SRM, State of Flux, consulting firm and supplier relationship management expert, recommends giving procurement teams a chance to step up to the role of supplier relationship manager and reminder us that what gets measured gets done. Where will we find people with the right skills for the challenging role of SRM? This question is frequently asked, most recently at a London event attended by CPOs and heads of SRM. We can be quick to write off or not consider the current procurement team for the role of supplier relationship manager, characterising them as “traditional” […]

ProcureCon Marketing Day 2 – Market Innovators, Start-Ups and Insights


Day 2’s second panel session at ProcureCon Marketing involved the market innovators, and looked at opportunities that delegates could take back with them and share with their marketing stakeholders. Although it was a very worthwhile session, we can’t possibly report it all here. It focused mostly on innovation and start-ups. (The chair on this did a remarkable job with the complexity of some of the questions, clarifying them and fielding the answers.) The overlying concern was that agencies are not doing enough to partner with start-ups. Many agencies treat them more like production partners. They need to engage more and […]

DCR Workforce: Vendor Snapshot (Part 1) — Industry Context, Business Background and Solution Overview [PRO]

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This Spend Matters PRO vendor research series focuses on DCR Workforce (DCR), a provider of services management/procurement technology solutions. DCR Workforce is a difficult provider to paint into a box. On one level, DCR provides a next generation vendor management system (VMS) solution, more than capable of holding its own against some of the better known providers in the sector on a functional basis addressing basic contingent workforce requirements. But on another level, it delivers much more — a statement of work (SOW) capability that is fundamentally different than other VMS providers in approach and capability, a powerful analytics platform for managing broader services procurement activities and even a freelancer management system (FMS) and supplier network that offers new ways to manage freelancer and contractors. Part 1 of this series provides background and the business context surrounding DCR Workforce, including quick facts and a history of the provider, and an overview of the DCR business and solution set. Subsequent parts of the series will go deeper into the DCR solutions and what use cases they may best address.

EU Referendum – The Big Day Arrives, Spend Matters Says Vote … ?

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So today is the most significant day for the UK for many years. When we wake up tomorrow, we will know if the country has voted to take the huge step into the unknown and leave the EU, or to stick with what we know and work to reform the organisation from the inside. We know that literally millions of voters are waiting for some steer from us, having assessed already the wisdom of the Times, the Guardian and the Daily Star and deciding that only Spend Matters has the true insight and understanding necessary to advise – so here […]

POOL4TOOL: Vendor Snapshot (Part 3) — Summary Analysis and Recommendations [PRO]


From a technology enablement perspective in procurement, the requirements to support manufacturers are significantly different than what generic procurement tools and suites provide. POOL4TOOL, a provider with a strong reputation and sizable customer base within industrial companies in the German and Austrian markets, is accelerating the rate at which it is targeting U.S. manufacturers, as well. This multipart Spend Matters PRO brief provides a full analysis of the provider’s capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. This final installment provides a competitive analysis and overview comparison, a recommend fit and company selection and checklist sheet, and a summary analysis on POOL4TOOL.

POOL4TOOL: Vendor Snapshot (Part 2) — Strengths and Weaknesses [PRO]


Specialized technology that supports direct materials procurement can be as different as an indirect procurement system is from a services procurement one. In this Spend Matters PRO review series examining POOL4TOOL, one of only a few providers specializing in direct materials procurement, we started our investigation by providing a company and solution overview of the vendor and a company-level SWOT analysis. This second installment covers product strengths and product weaknesses. We will conclude our analysis of POOL4TOOL in the third installment of this series, offering a competitive landscape view of the provider, user selection and shortlist guides and insider evaluation and selection considerations.

10 Supply Chain Areas Needing Gene Therapy: Supply Network Information Models — The Missing DNA in the Digital Supply Chain (Part 4) [PRO]


In the previous post in this series, I began outlining 10 supply chain provider areas that could benefit from the infusion of a robust supply network information model. In this final installment in the series, I highlight the remaining provider areas, the convergence in supply chain intelligence and analytics and look at x potential providers that span multiple adjacent services and solutions sectors in business process outsourcing (BPO), management consulting, supply market intelligence, business intelligence, content management and others.

The Shift from Labor to Services Procurement (Part 1): ‘The What’ [PRO]


Services procurement, with the exception of contingent workforce management (CWM), has evolved imperceptibly over the past 15 years. However, there are reasons to believe that it is about to change — or in terms of what procurement does, will need to change. Those reasons include the pressure to reduce cost of services and the effects of accelerating digitization. Still, without senior management support, additional funding and organizational development, the need to change may not be addressed, leaving gaps in enterprise performance, which more proactive, competitive companies could exploit.

In this first part of this PRO series, we will cover “The What” of services procurement — where we’ve gotten to today and where we seem to be heading. In subsequent installments, we will focus on the role of digitization and what changes procurement will be addressing as consumption and buying of services in different forms increases across enterprise organizations.