Spend Matters Almanac – the 50 To Know in the Procurement Solutions World

Last week, Spend Matters launched our 50 To Know and 50 To Watch lists for 2015/16. (Our US sister company had the first announcements here and here). These lists – not rankings, we would stress - represent our view of the key organisations in our industry that procurement executives need to have one their radar. So to explain more about the concept, I conducted a fearless, no-holds-barred interview with myself. So Peter, put down that large glass of Chilean Merlot and tell me, how exactly do you come up with these lists? Well, the Spend Matters team, now in North […]

Procurement Events This Week – Pub Debate, Real World Sourcing and Procurious

Westminster bridge

A new week dawns! Here are our final reminders for three procurement events which you might like to consider, and although they are London-centric in two case, the third is digitally available to everyone, anywhere! Let’s take them in order. Tomorrow we have our Procurement Pub Debate at the Red Lion Pub in Whitehall, London, 5.30 – 7pm. The motion is “This House believes that the result of the General Election will have no impact on public procurement.” Tickets are free, courtesy of Procserve, we’ve got around 30 registrations, but we still have room for a few more and you can […]

New Intesource Tools Modernize Procurement In Grocery Retail & Restaurant Verticals [PRO]


Back in March, I provided initial coverage and analysis of the Intesource Innovation Conference in Las Vegas. The e-sourcing provider had announced at the event that it was releasing its new supplier relationship management solution, which I had the chance to preview and wrote about in that initial Plus article on Spend Matters. Today, I continue my coverage of Intesource with more in-depth analysis. Back in March, I provided initial coverage and analysis of the Intesource Innovation Conference in Las Vegas. The e-sourcing provider had announced at the event that it was releasing its new supplier relationship management solution, which I had the chance to preview and wrote about in that initial Plus article on Spend Matters. Today, I continue my coverage of Intesource with more in-depth analysis. Intesource is heavily vested in supporting sourcing and procurement for companies in the retail and restaurant business – specifically grocery retail store

Selecting the Right Outsourcing Provider

Milan Panchmatia, Director at 4C Associates, leading procurement consulting / outsourcing services provider, gives professional advice on procurement outsourcing.  Deciding to bring on a third-party provider can have multiple benefits. Chief amongst these is access to a cost-effective resource to cutting costs and delivering value. In an environment characterised by economic uncertainty the attraction is clear. However, not all providers offer the same service and it’s essential to select one which can mirror your expectations. A volatile, but growing market According to research carried out by Everest Group in 2014, the procurement services outsourcing market grew by 12% in terms of year-on-year growth […]

April Album Review with Circa Waves, Alabama Shakes and Northern Soul

Circa Waves with their debut album Young Chasers show that there is still some mileage in the British indie-pop genre. The last few years have not been great for this type of bouncy, tuneful guitar-driven music, as the solo singers on the one hand and dance / R'n'B juggernaut on the other have taken the headlines and the chart placing. But this might just succeed, as a very strong example of its type. Having great tunes is key, and a track like T-Shirt Weather (below) certainly delivers on that, and is tailor-made for use in TV show collages of summer […]

Big Ideas for Procurement Technology – Forget the System, Focus on People

Live music we are ocean

We're pleased to feature this guest article from Tania Seary, the founder of three procurement related businesses including Procurious, which will power next week’s The Big Ideas Summit – the world’s first digitally led think-tank for procurement and supply chain professionals. To participate as a Digital Delegate for free, visit www.bigideassummit.com. I like to remind my procurement peers that corporate history is littered with careers that have been made and lost on major technology projects. For better or worse, major IT implementations often become the legacy of our careers. Despite the importance of getting it right, time and time again […]

Down the Procurement Pub with the MCA Awards, BravoSolution, Trade Extensions, a Pub Debate and Lucy Rose

Not a lot of drinking again this week really! Well, I lie somewhat... not a lot of specifically procurement drinking I should say. But this somewhat impressionistic photo (too dark for my rubbish phone camera really) was last night at the Management Consultancies Association Awards at the Westminster Park Plaza Hotel in good old London Town. (I get to be a judge based on co-writing “Buying Professional Services” some years ago). Well done to all the winners, it was a very good evening, although it is not quite as much raucous fun as our procurement evenings - the GO Awards, […]

Best of Spend Matters Network – Week of April 20 [Plus +]


Happy Friday, and welcome back to another edition of our Best of Roundup – giving you the most noteworthy articles of the week published on our Spend Matters Network. Check out all the coverage Jason provided from the Tungsten conference this week on Spend Matters. Head over to Spend Matters UK to read an interesting post on "man-vs.-man negotiation." MetalMiner taught us about its forecasting methods this week as well, and Trade Financing Matters discussed integrated receivable hubs. Enjoy!

cloudBuy: An Enigma Wrapped Inside a Puzzle, Wrapped Inside a…Cloud? [Plus +]


Cloudbuy, then called @UK PLC, was floated on the AIM stock market way back in 2005. The firm focuses mainly on spend analytics and electronic marketplace provision, although there is some legacy business too (more on that later). Since that flotation, the business has had a checkered existence. The shares were issued at 60 points, raising about $11.7 million, and at one stage fell back into single figures as annual results consistently showed losses and limited revenue growth. More capital has been raised along the way, the last tranche of $5.87 million last October, which helped drive a share price revival – it hit 40p late last year. It then halved to under 20p recently, only to recover to around 30p over the last couple of weeks following the announcement of its 2014 results.

SciQuest 15.1: Contract Management + E-Procurement, E-Invoicing (Transcepta) and More [PRO]


This is our fourth and final installment of our ongoing series on SciQuest. As our analysis of SciQuest’s 15.1 release continues, we turn our attention to the latest contract compliance and P2P capabilities in the product as well as its new partnership with Transcepta for e-invoicing and supplier network connectivity and vendor enablement. The combination of these features (and extended partner capabilities) is likely to make SciQuest more competitive in the overall P2P suite market – and provide some clever areas of differentiation that are likely to increase in the contracts area as the legacy and updated Upside contract management IP is increasingly embedded alongside the e-procurement and accounts payable automation compliance capabilities – and as a separate, but fully integrated, module in the upcoming 15.2 release. This Spend Matters PRO research brief will conclude our initial analysis and research from the SciQuest NextLevel event.

Should CPOs Use Consensus Decision Making? Not Necessarily, Says Latest Research [Plus +]


Is consensus decision making the right approach for CPOs and other executives in leadership positions? Maybe not, according to some recent academic research. The headline finding from the study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, is that people tend to regard the views of other members in a group equally, regardless of competence. This "equality bias" then prevents them from making optimum decisions as a group. And, while consensus decision making is seen as a positive approach that motivates staff and helps to get buy-in from our teams and stakeholders in a business context, it may not make the best sense for procurement organizations.

SciQuest’s 15.1 Release Ups the E-Procurement Ante – But How Does it Compare to Ariba and Coupa? [PRO]


SciQuest launched its Version 15.1 of its suite at its recent NextLevel customer event in Washington, D.C. At the show, the Spend Matters team had the chance to look at all of the modules in SciQuest’s latest release and also preview some of the items slated for the 15.2 release this summer. The 15.1 release represents a critically important step for SciQuest in the P2P area in an increasingly competitive market – especially in conjunction with an announced partnership with Transcepta for e-invoicing and supplier enablement. Most important, 15.1 marks a critical step toward a full-featured and integrated source-to-pay (S2P) platform for SciQuest. Yet core P2P capabilities matter as well – beyond sourcing and supplier management. This Spend Matters PRO research brief provides an analysis of the P2P capabilities and enhancements in 15.1 – and offers our perspective on cases where SciQuest e-procurement is likely to be a strong shortlist contender for customers.