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Ireland financial crisis reaches the end game

If you want to follow the Irish debt / banking / sovereignty crisis in more detail than we're capable of doing here, then I can thoroughly recommend the Slugger O'Toole blog.  Here is their latest summary of events and other coverage; they are always excellent about Irish issues (and often going beyond that) and will give you everything you want to know about unfolding events.

Bucharest via Helsinki?

This must be one of the more unusual person specifications I've seen - "Finnish Procurement needed in Romania"  (I assume that is 'procurement person').  I'm guessing the number of Finnish procurement people who want to work in Romania might be.. let's say 'limited'. But you never know.

UK IT supremo bows out

The Register reports that John Suffolk has resigned.  Suffolk has been the UK Government CIO since 2006, and has been heavily involved in a number of major IT  Procurement initiatives, including the drive to manage the largest suppliers in a more 'joined-up' way across Government.  That occasionally introduced some tension into the relationship between the procurement community (including OGC) and his area, but he's been an important figure and it'll be interesting to see whether and how he is replaced. In the short term, Ian Watmore, his boss, is keeping the seat warm.

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