AnyData Solutions: Vendor Snapshot (Part 1) — Background & Solution Overview [PRO]

There must be something in the procurement climate in the United Kingdom that encourages procurement technology entrepreneurs to start spend analytics businesses. Coming on the heels of Spikes Cavell (acquired by Xchanging), Spend360 (acquired by Coupa), Simfoni and Rosslyn Analytics is the newest upstart, AnyData Solutions, which was founded in May of 2013. AnyData is yet another spend analytics vendor with strong capabilities, even some unique ones. But like many of its peers, it has been undercapitalized from the start [...]

Coupa Acquisition of Trade Extensions: Spend Matters US on “Customer and Partner Recommendations”

We reported here on the acquisition of sourcing optimisation firm Trade Extensions by Coupa, which is now under way.  Since then, the US Spend Matters […]

Public versus Private Sector Procurement – Why Public Is Better (Maybe …)

In our two previous articles in this series, we gave the four fundamental differences between procurement in the public and private sectors, that drive all […]

Vendor Summary Report: Invoice-to-Pay SolutionMap℠ Q2 2017 [PRO]


This SolutionMap analyzes a select group of invoice-to-pay solution providers. It is part of our Q2 2017 SolutionMap report series, also featuring invoice-to-pay solution providers and procure-to-pay suites. Spend Matters tracks more than 50 procure-to-pay solution providers. This analysis features many of the largest invoice-to-pay providers, specifically Coupa, Determine, GEP, Ivalua, Invocus, Pool4Tool, SAP Ariba, Taulia, Tradeshift and Vroozi. We will be adding additional providers for the Q3 and Q4 2017 updates (as well as in 2018 and beyond). SolutionMap [...]

Pepsi Ad – That’s What Happens When You Fire Your Procurement People

… and talking of Pepsi, as we wrote here in our article principally about United Airlines, how on earth did that dreadful advert get made? […]

Measuring the Procurement Technology User Experience: More Than Just a Pretty Screen (Part 1) [PRO]


A good technology user experience is not like pornography: One can actually define it without seeing it, or at least attempt to do so. As you may have noticed, the “Vendor Snapshot” deep dive reports that Spend Matters has been doing for the past year on technology providers have included a section on user experience (UI). In this section, we have rated UI on a number of factors. While it may seem that the first five ratings are subjective, they [...]

What is Your Invoice-to-Pay Persona? Understand Your Requirements and Mass Customize Your Vendor Shortlist [PRO]


No two accounts payable, finance or shared services organizations are alike (or procurement departments, for that matter). Each has its own persona that reflects not only its own value proposition and engagement approach but also the stakeholders it serves — and its supply base. The same principle holds true of procure-to-pay (P2P) application providers. Each has a persona that reflects its value proposition, solution strategy and targeted customer segments. Therefore, finance and procurement organizations should seek providers whose personas best [...]

More on Palambridge – A New Model For Procurement Consulting

We featured the launch of Palambridge here. This is being driven by Philip Ideson, pictured here, who runs the Art of Procurement website which has […]

A 21-Question Health Check to Score Your Procurement Scorecard (Part 2) [Plus +]


As the old business adage goes, “what gets measured gets done.” This is certainly true in procurement. If you want to do the right things for yourself and your stakeholders, you need to measure the right things and do it efficiently. You also need to ensure that you are measuring what your stakeholders want and what you are in fact delivering. It’s a foundational competency. In fact, in the most recent Hackett Group procurement key issues study, “value contribution visibility” [...]

United Airlines – A Good Time To Negotiate A Better Deal?

Do travel buyers still have “route deals” with major airlines? We did back in the day when I was European Procurement Director for the Dun […]

Bloom, IR35 and Good Practice Questions

We featured here the name change and the launch of Bloom the business that operates the NEPRO consulting framework. NEPRO is a creation of NEPO, […]