Applying Procurement Thinking to BBC Stars’ Fees

The BBC released details of payment to their best-rewarded “stars” last week – or at least those who are paid directly rather than through production […]

We’re All (Not) Going On Our Summer Holidays

The school holidays are now under way across the UK, and parents in their millions are celebrating with unfettered joy the prospect of six weeks […]

Down the Procurement Pub with Virtualstock, Basware, HS2 and Cassia

Back to Jason’s visit last week and this is us having a tea (it wasn’t all beer, you see) with Tom Lawrence (ex-Proxima) and Fraser […]

What To Expect from Best-in-Class Spend Analysis Technology and User Design (Part 4) [PRO]

spend analytics

There are doubtless readers who have kept up with this Spend Matters PRO series on the intersection of best-in-class spend analytics technology and user design and thought to themselves, “I wish my solution did that.” But the most important thing to remember is that data is about telling a story. The particular narrative you decide (and are able to tell) from the insight to come out of your spend analytics initiatives will either make procurement more valuable or leave it [...]

Legal Sourcing and Billing: Category Sourcing, Maturity Models and Services Procurement Linkages (Part 2) [Plus +]

forced labor

Legal spend is a bit different than other categories in part because it cuts across all aspects of the business and the lines between “make” and “buy” can be drawn differently based on customer, need and timing. The fundamental challenge in this regard is that legal spending must be aligned with sales (customers), procurement (vendors), finance and operations (products) to deliver the right level of value. If it’s seen as a siloed compliance function, legal is doomed to languish as [...]

Public Spend Forum Europe – Public Procurement Highlights from This Week

Public Spend Forum is dedicated to public sector procurement, everywhere, and aims to be a global community and knowledge network for improving public procurement and the public […]

Why The Robots Will Run Procurement – Pub Debate Arguments (Part 2)

We gave you the highlights of last week’s pub debate here, which debated the contentious motion “This House Believes that Robots will Run (and Rule) […]

New Supply Chain Risk Briefing Paper – Natural Disasters

Floods! Hurricanes! Tsunamis! Earthquakes ! Volcanoes! When we think of major risks to our supply chains, this sort of event is probably well up the […]

Solution Provider Product and Technology Roadmaps: Are They Important? [PRO]

spend visiblity

The short answer to the question posed in the title is emphatically and definitively “yes” — now more than ever. When screening or evaluating technology solution providers for e-procurement, contract lifecycle management, vendor management systems (VMS) or any other solution, there is frequently an inherent present and backward-looking bias in evaluating and making decisions about these solutions. Considering only what solutions have done or are doing for their clients (and ex-clients) only tells so much about whether or not the [...]

A New Home for Public Spend Forum Europe – Come Visit

Anyone who reads our Friday roundup of news stories from Public Spend Forum Europe (PSFE), our public sector site, will have noticed that they are […]

Public Procurement After Brexit – Improvements & Ideas

(We're delighted to welcome a guest article from Dan Warnock, Procurement Manager at Home Group, one of the UK's largest housing associations, based in the […]

Crown Commercial Service Annual Report – A Mixed Bag for Public Procurement Aggregator

The Crown Commercial Service published its annual report and accounts yesterday. Although he was in place when last year’s was published, this is really the […]