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Picture number: COM/B911217
Description: Wrens operating the 'Colossus' computer, 1943. Colossus was the world's first electronic programmable computer, at Bletchley Park in Bedfordshire. Bletchley Park was the British forces' intelligence centre during WWII, and is where cryptographers deciphered top-secret military communiques between Hitler and his armed forces. The communiques were encrypted in the Lorenz code which the Germans considered unbreakable, but the codebreakers at Bletchley cracked the code with the help of Colossus, and so aided the Allies' victory.
Credit: Bletchley Park Trust/Science & Society Picture Library

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A final call for anyone wising to attend the Autumn event for senior IT professionals. ProcureCon IT takes place next week - December 5-6, Mövenpick Hotel […]

BravoSolution: Vendor Snapshot (Part 3) — Competitive and Summary Analysis [PRO]

ra2 studio/Adobe Stock

BravoSolution, a procurement technology suite provider, has undergone significant transformation on the product level in recent years. It emerged from a replatforming effort in the source-to-contract area, after which it expanded the breadth of its suite by acquiring procure-to-pay from Puridiom (this followed a time of partnering with providers such as Basware and Verian). While Q1 2017 will see the introduction of BravoSolution’s first integrated source-to-pay suite under its own control, the more important differentiation in capabilities and approach arguably [...]

Proving Your Value and Managing Risk – Join Me This Week


Your final chance to join me this week (twice)! On Wednesday I’m leading our Real World Procurement workshop at Smith and Wollensky off the Strand […]

Useless Procurement KPIs – “Percentage of Spend Competed”


It’s a while since we featured a couple of our favourite candidates for the worst procurement KPIs. The first we covered was the “number of […]

BravoSolution: Vendor Snapshot (Part 2) — Product Strengths and Weaknesses [PRO]


BravoSolution currently delivers a benchmark set of capabilities for procurement organizations in the “upstream” procurement suite area. It is not without weaknesses, (which we will also explore in this analysis), but BravoSolution stands apart in how it has constructed and how it delivers integrated suite components to support real-world procurement needs by country, industry and procurement organizational structure. With an emphasis on analytics, sourcing (core and advanced/optimization) and supplier management, BravoSolution provides one standard by which to measure the market [...]

Basware Connect – Finance Transformation and Marginal Gains


The Basware Connect event last week was held in a new venue for me, the Crystal in London Docklands. Nothing to do with the Crystal […]

Down the Procurement Pub with Basware, NAO and Hippo Campus


Here is a picture of my old friend Charles Findlay (ex-Accenture Supply Chain partner) and me having a spot of lunch in Walkers of Whitehall […]

Public Spend Forum Europe – Public Procurement Highlights from this Week


Public Spend Forum Europe is dedicated to European public sector procurement, and aims to be a global community and knowledge network for public procurement and the public […]

National Audit Office – An Excellent Guide To Commercial & Contract Management


Last week, the UK’s National Audit Office published what we think is one of its most important pieces of work ever – “Commercial and contract […]

How to Achieve ‘World-Class’ Procurement Agility


In October, The Hackett Group released its 2016 report of its study into world-class procurement organisations and what makes them perform better than typical procurement […]

Nick Brazier of Allianz at ProcureCon Europe – Procurement Can Accelerate “Time-to-Market”


Another outstanding session at the recent ProcureCon Europe event came from Nick Brazier, Headof Procurement in the UK for Allianz Insurance, the “32nd biggest firm […]

Proving Your Procurement Value – Live Event AND Webinars


Next Wednesday (November 30th), at Smith and Wollensky off the Strand in London, we have the last Real World Procurement session for 2016, courtesy of […]