New NAO Report – A Short Guide to Commercial Relationships

The UK's National Audit Office published a Short Guide to Commercial Relationships just before Christmas, the latest in a series of useful public procurement-related publications […]

What Makes Procurement So Interesting? A Skiing Story …

Why is procurement so interesting? I know, you might not always feel that way, but one reason that might resonate with many of us is […]

Unlocking Deeper Value in the Procurement and Finance Relationship (Part 1) [Plus +]


Much has been written about the need for procurement and finance organizations to better align with each other, in particular how the two functions can best integrate purchasing and payables into an end-to-end purchase-to-pay (P2P) process. The opportunity for aligning these two functions, however, is much greater than simply improving transaction efficiency. Unfortunately, the various sources of misalignment that plague procurement and finance prevent many businesses from identifying these opportunities in the first place. The sad part of this story [...]

Bill Michels To Head Up CIPS In The USA – A Direct Challenge to ISM?

In a fascinating announcement on Friday, CIPS (the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) announced that it has appointed “procurement expert Bill Michels to be […]

Down the Procurement Pub with SAP Ariba, Beer, MBEs, and Albert Hammond

Welcome back to the 2018 version of “DTPP” as we like to call it. We won’t show you the pictures of the Smith / Burcher […]

The Leap From Contingent Workforce to Extended Workforce and Services [Plus +]

This Plus brief proposes that an organizational shift is taking place from (a) enterprises that source and consume a limited set of labor/talent resources (contingent workforce) through certain processes and technology solutions to (b) enterprises that are advancing to another stage (extended workforce) in which a broader array of labor/talent-based services can be accessed by internal business consumers. Some of the pieces of the extended workforce ecosystem are already present, but major gaps in technology and processes must be filled, [...]

Public Spend Forum Europe – Public Procurement Highlights from this Week

Public Spend Forum is dedicated to public sector procurement and aims to be a global community and knowledge network for improving public procurement and the public sector […]

Jaggaer Acquires BravoSolution – Everything You Need to Know From Spend Matters

Being devoted to the procurement cause above and beyond all reasonable levels, I spent the morning of New Year's Eve catching up on some professional […]

How Procurement Can Contribute to Platform Sourcing Initiatives: There Are More Ways Than One (Part 2) [PRO]

As we observed in the Part 1 of this Spend Matters PRO series, five years ago, “online work/services platforms were off the radar for large enterprises and most certainly off the radar for all but a few CW/S procurement organizations. But much has changed since then. Not only has awareness increased significantly but an increasing number of enterprises have piloted or have moved further up the adoption curve. Moreover, traditional staffing-related providers (e.g., MSPs, VMS) have begun to incorporate platform [...]

Collaboration in UK Public Procurement – Results From Our Survey

We’ve got an extract today from the report we issued towards the end of last year (sponsored by BravoSolution) based on our research around collaboration […]

Procurement Software – What’s Going To Happen In 2018?

As we move into 2018, what does the procurement software market have in store for us? 2017 saw further consolidation, with Coupa buying Trade Extensions […]

How Procurement Can Participate in Platform Sourcing Initiatives: There Are More Ways Than One (Part 1) [PRO]

Today, most contingent workforce and services (CW/S) procurement practitioners have some awareness of — or even some level of interest in — online work/service platforms (e.g., online freelancer marketplaces, contest/challenge crowd platforms, digital direct sourcing solutions). While the integration of these platforms into enterprise systems and processes is still a work in progress, many expect that they will increasingly become an important set of sourcing options in the years to come. CW/S procurement, though typically time and resource constrained, cannot [...]