Exploring Basware’s Recent Product Enhancements: Something for AP and Procurement (Part 2) [PRO]

At its recent Basware Connect 2019 customer event in Chicago, Basware brought together both finance and procurement organizations for two days of learning and in-depth product discussions. During the event last month, Basware spent numerous sessions sharing recent product enhancements, as well as highlighting its own product roadmap path forward.

This Spend Matters PRO brief, the second installment in a three-part series, explores Basware’s roadmap for the following products:

— Data, Analytics and Supplier Management
— Networked Sourcing and Procurement
— Networked Accounts Payable and Payments
— IT Integrations and E-Invoice Sending
— Dynamic Discounting and Financing

And our analysts’ give the key takeaways on each of these areas.

Pearls of CPO Wisdom from Global Business Intelligence Event – Part 2

Our chief marketing officer, Carina Khul, continues her roundup of ‘little gems’  learnt from the Global Business Intelligence CPO event in New York. Part 1 is here. Gems from Treasury Department Did you know in 2018, the U.S. government spent $4.11 trillion, according to USAspending.gov? The Department of Treasury spends up to $7 billion annually across some 24,000 transactions, according to the Treasury’s acting CPO, Harrison Smith. “Typically, half of the spend comes from the Mint where we buy paper and metals. Especially metal prices can vary wildly year-on-year. Another $2 billion in spend stems from the IRS, where half goes into buying IT.” Unlike most companies, Harrison needs to spend the budget by the end of the fiscal year or the money “goes away” come October. Previously, they did not have enough transparency and visibility to manage transactions throughout the year, but they invested in spend management tools a few [...]