Key Procurement Tensions/Trade-offs for 2017 – Value Versus Savings

Last week, we outlined five key areas of interest or tensions maybe for procurement in 2017. This week, we’ll look at those in a bit […]

As a B2B Provider, Amazon May Face Up To More CSR-Type Scrutiny

The announcement that Amazon Business is opening up in Germany was interesting, and there is no doubt that the firm has a lot to offer […]

Amazon Supply Chain Innovation – Just Help Yourself!

Back in early December, Amazon announced it was launching Amazon Business in Germany. We covered it briefly; our colleagues in the US also produced this […]

Agiloft: Vendor Snapshot (Part 1) — Background & Solution Overview [PRO]


The contract lifecycle management (CLM) technology market includes dozens of different technology providers, many of which provide additional buy-side (e.g., strategic sourcing, transactional procurement, etc.) or sell-side (quote-to-cash) capabilities. Some of these vendors are well known in the market, having invested heavily in sales and marketing for many years. Others are not. One provider in the latter camp that recently caught our attention after a round of briefings and demonstrations is Agiloft. Today, Agiloft covers all the standard contract lifecycle [...]

Procurement Education and Skills – Interview with Dr Jo Meehan (Part 1)

As a Senior Lecturer and Director of the Liverpool MBA at the University of Liverpool, Dr Jo Meehan is one of the UK’s most influential […]

Down the Procurement Wine-Bar With Top Earners, Ariba, the NHS, FT and Christine

Didn’t actually go to the pub much over the last couple of weeks but drank some very good wine at home, including one bottle pictured […]

Dow Jones, London FTSE Stocks Leap in December—But Not Our Procurement Portfolio! [Plus +]

procurement stocks

As we leap into the great unknown of 2017, this is our final review of the stocks portfolio we put together for 2016. It featured 21 firms with an interest in procurement and a quote on a major stock market, mainly London or New York. The final month of the year was actually not very dramatic for our firms generally, but it was more so for the wider markets. At the end of November, our overall portfolio was just ahead [...]

Contingent Labour Spend – The Role of Procurement

You may remember that in 2016 we ran a workshop with an impressive group of procurement leaders who had a deep interest in the procurement […]

Strategic Sourcing and E-Sourcing: Level 1 [Plus +]

Strategic sourcing does not just involve a five- or seven-step flowchart. Nor is it just a “leave behind” by consultants once they’ve helped your organization to identify savings. Rather, strategic sourcing is a process that maximizes the value of each purchase made by a company — at least in theory! And it’s one that, in our opinion, requires the support of a solid technology solution that in turn must support each step of the process. Strategic sourcing does not come [...]

The A-Z of Reverse Auctions – Market Dojo Takes Us Through Their Alphabet

We're pleased to feature a guest post from Market Dojo, providers of auction-related and other procurement solutions and software. We love reverse auctions! Yes, as […]

Five Key Procurement Trade-offs for 2017

Over the last quarter of 2016, I think I participated in more conferences, workshops and webinars than ever before in a concentrated period.  In some […]

Huge NHS Procurement Outsourcing – OJEU Ad Published

The Department of Health published an OJEU advertisement on December 24th (!) for the replacement of the NHS Supply Chain DHL contract. Communications are usually […]