Supply Chain Digital Transformation – Digital-Ready Solutions and Insider Tips

Getting to a more digital or fully digital supply chain is becoming more and more of a requirement (rather than an aspiration) for the majority […]

What Leads to Procurement and Finance Falling Out?

Yes, we have a new Spend Matters briefing / best practice paper to tell you about, and one thing is beyond argument – it has […]

LevaData: Vendor Snapshot (Part 2) — Product Strengths and Weaknesses [PRO]

Quick, what would a mashup of an analytics, market intelligence and an optimization-backed advanced sourcing platform look like for direct materials procurement? It would need to feature at least the basics of line-level spend analytics and reporting, and, for manufacturers, ideally offer deeper bill of materials insight into sub-tier materials, parts and component data. It would have to provide market-based insights into relative total cost, as well as integrated access to external market data feeds to enable benchmarking. And it [...]

Crown Hosting – A Surprising Government Shared Service Story

The UK government has developed a number of shared services over the years where the model is a joint venture between a private sector provider […]

Consulting Firms – Sometimes a Difficult Position for Procurement

McKinsey is arguably the most impressive, influential and successful consulting firm in the world. (Declaration of interest; I passed all their tests some 25 years […]

Interested in Inclusivity, Advancing Women-Owned Businesses and Innovation? Come to WEConnect

As we’ve been saying lately, mid-October appears to be a very popular date for conferences this year. Another one to add to your diary is […]

LevaData: Vendor Snapshot (Part 1) — Background and Solution Overview [PRO]

Outside of core ERP and supply chain planning systems, the technology market for direct materials procurement and sourcing is almost too nascent to even be considered fragmented. While many software firms claim they power direct materials procurement solutions needs, the reality is that most end up “kludging” off-the-shelf solutions based on existing, distinct modules for manufacturing. Yet new direct materials solutions are emerging that blur the line of modules, product classification and underlying technology in a not so dissimilar way [...]

CEOs and CPOs – Not Aligned On Key Objectives, Suggests Ayming Report

We featured the Procurement 2020 report from consulting firm Ayming here and the findings from their survey that suggested many CEOs were dissatisfied with their […]

Icertis Webinar on Wednesday – Why Contract Management Is More Critical Than Procurement

On Wednesday this week at 9am UK time I’ll be participating in a webinar with Icertis, who market a leading contract lifecycle management solution.  Their […]

Everything Procurement Should Know About Payments (Part 6): Payment Best Practices and Recommendations [PRO]

early pay

Our goal in this research series on payments has been to provide procurement with a single point of reference to understand all of the intricacies and challenges associated with standard payment processes today, as well as the limitations of existing procure-to-pay (P2P) solutions when it comes to addressing payments in full. Spend Matters PRO subscribers can access the individual parts below: Part 1: Procurement’s Role and P2P Case Examples Part 2: Best-in-Class P2P Technology Capabilities and the Reconciliation Process Part [...]

PFI Contracts – Who Pays the Ultimate Price?

We note that private finance initiative (PFI) – a procurement method using private sector investment to deliver public sector infrastructure and services – has been […]

Down the Procurement Pub with Tradeshift, CIPS Awards, PR Week and Ider

This is one of those weeks where I just can’t believe it is 7 days since our last Down the Procurement Pub. And the social […]