Procurement Talent – at ProcureCon


Three presentations made up the procurement talent-management-themed stream at ProcureCon Europe last month, and each brought up some interesting points: Firstly, Ann-Francoise Versele, Procurement Excellence […]

Oversight Systems: Vendor Snapshot (Part 1) — Background and Solution Overview [PRO]

Supply Chain Fraud

Procurement fraud typically gets everyone’s attention after it happens. Granted, in certain geographies and industries, regulations such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) have magnified the potential risk that procurement fraud can bring to expand beyond profitability impact through high fines and negative media coverage. Yet procurement and finance organizations generally are loath to invest in additional fraud controls and measures such as procure-to-pay (P2P), travel and expense (T&E) and payment solution (including p-cards) rollouts or upgrades at the [...]

Michael Gove and The Civil Servants’ Dilemma


Last week, ex Cabinet Minister Michael Gove wrote a Times newspaper column in which he was very critical of the UK civil service. He accused […]

Procurement Personas — the Early Strategist


This is the second in a four-part series, from Daniel Ball, director at leading UK-based eProcurement provider Wax Digital, This series of posts outlines the different personas that […]

Contingent Labour Expert Debate – Videos from Comensura


You may remember earlier this year we ran a workshop with an impressive group of procurement leaders from various different private firms and the public […]

Spend360: Solution Review & Analysis [Plus +]

data analytics

Although Spend360 is a relatively new entrant to the spend analytics solution space in North America, the company is well established in Europe. It commenced operations in 2011, and its founding team has been through previous startups in the sector. The firm’s experience is not only apparent in Spend360’s spend analytics technology but also in its ability to commercialize its capabilities. Since its North American launch in 2014, it has added 100 new clients in the region and now counts [...]

Remko van Hoek at The Procurement Summit – Procurement Pitfalls and Pathways


At the recent Procurement Summit in Manchester, we had high expectations of the keynote from Remko van Hoek, and we weren't disappointed. Titled “Pathways and […]

The Future of Procurement – “Source Code for Survival”


(We welcome this thought-provoking post from Dr. Richard Russill, author, mentor, educator and all-round  procurement guru!) Poised? ... or Precarious? Take your choice as to […]

ProcureCon IT EU — Coming Next Week!

Picture number: COM/B911217
Description: Wrens operating the 'Colossus' computer, 1943. Colossus was the world's first electronic programmable computer, at Bletchley Park in Bedfordshire. Bletchley Park was the British forces' intelligence centre during WWII, and is where cryptographers deciphered top-secret military communiques between Hitler and his armed forces. The communiques were encrypted in the Lorenz code which the Germans considered unbreakable, but the codebreakers at Bletchley cracked the code with the help of Colossus, and so aided the Allies' victory.
Credit: Bletchley Park Trust/Science & Society Picture Library

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A final call for anyone wising to attend the Autumn event for senior IT professionals. ProcureCon IT takes place next week - December 5-6, Mövenpick Hotel […]

BravoSolution: Vendor Snapshot (Part 3) — Competitive and Summary Analysis [PRO]

ra2 studio/Adobe Stock

BravoSolution, a procurement technology suite provider, has undergone significant transformation on the product level in recent years. It emerged from a replatforming effort in the source-to-contract area, after which it expanded the breadth of its suite by acquiring procure-to-pay from Puridiom (this followed a time of partnering with providers such as Basware and Verian). While Q1 2017 will see the introduction of BravoSolution’s first integrated source-to-pay suite under its own control, the more important differentiation in capabilities and approach arguably [...]

Proving Your Value and Managing Risk – Join Me This Week


Your final chance to join me this week (twice)! On Wednesday I’m leading our Real World Procurement workshop at Smith and Wollensky off the Strand […]

Useless Procurement KPIs – “Percentage of Spend Competed”


It’s a while since we featured a couple of our favourite candidates for the worst procurement KPIs. The first we covered was the “number of […]