Webinar with Wax Digital – Three Foundations for Best Practice Procurement

We’ve got a webinar coming up soon with Wax Digital. Many of you will know the firm, founded in and based in Manchester but with an increasingly international outlook. The firm has always been innovative by nature, and was ahead of its time in a number of ways. That includes being one of the first to offer a “source to pay” approach, including both P2P (ordering, catalogues, invoicing) and sourcing and contract management capabilities within their offering.

The product has always also majored on ease of use as well, with a user interface that looks to consumer websites as its model. That’s something that is not unusual now, but it was when Wax Digital first started pursuing that approach some years ago. More recently, the firm has explored how “wearables” technology might integrate with procurement software, to interesting effect!

Anyway, during this webinar I’ll be presenting along with Daniel Ball, one of the founders and directors of the firm, and the title of our session is Three Foundations for Best Practice Procurement . Now we don’t claim to be exposing THE three foundations of procurement – I’m not sure there are only three, unless you make them so broad as to be meaningless (blood, sweat and tears maybe)?

But we’ll be looking at three aspects around the single theme of “integration” that we do believe are vitally important, both in terms of how you think about procurement success generally, and also with some relevance to procurement technology in particular. So we’ll be looking at how procurement teams can best integrate with the rest of the business to improve returns, where the market is going in terms of integrated source to pay software, and how to win over stakeholders when procurement projects involve system integration.

So the 40 minute session should be relevant we hope for pretty much any procurement practitioner / leader. We’re focusing strongly on some direct take-ways as well, with some conceptual thinking but also practical ideas for participants to consider immediately. The webinar is on November 5th at 2.30pm UK time, and you can register here; free of charge of course. We hope you can join us then.

And if you want to know more about Wax Digital too, you might find these articles we wrote useful, based on our discussions with their clients (click on the links).

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