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Basware Conference in October – Futurists and the Future of Procurement (Plus Table Tennis)

We mentioned the Basware conference in London on October 17th the other day but it's time to tell you a little more about the agenda. […]

The Role of Procurement in Disaster and Emergency Situations

We have mentioned Craig Brewin before, he featured in one of our posts on eWorld Procurement and Supply when he was Head of Commissioning at […]

Pub Debate – Can Procurement With Purpose Save the World? Audience Observations

Last week we featured the arguments for and against our recent Pub Debate motion: “Procurement with Purpose can save the world.” The basic concept is […]

Can Procurement With Purpose Save the World? Pub Debate Arguments Against the Motion

Yesterday we focused on the arguments put forward by our two proposers of the motion “This House Believes that Procurement with Purpose can save the world” […]

Pub Debate – Procurement with Purpose Takes Centre Stage

OK, I confess, I was worried about our pub debate last night. Approaching the holiday season, in the middle of the World Cup, a heatwave… […]

Sustainable Public Procurement Event on the Horizon  

There’s an event coming up this autumn which we thought you might like to know about if you are involved in any way in promoting, […]

A Single-Source Approach to Buying Music at BT

Music buying is a complex business, as we’ve mentioned many times in our posts on buying music rights by Richard Kirstein of Resilient Music, see […]

Social Chain at ProcureCon Marketing (Part 2)

Back to the ProcureCon Marketing presentation from Oliver Yonchev of Social Chain, the rapidly growing Manchester-headquartered “global social media marketing agency”. Part 1 is here. […]

Procurement with Purpose – One Week To The Big Debate

There is now only one week to go until our London pub debate titled “This House Believes That Procurement With Purpose Can Save The World”. […]

Technology Procurement Symposium – Post-Event Recap

Two weeks ago Public Spend Forum (PSF), in conjunction with Dcode and Shatter Fund, held the public sector Technology Procurement Symposium in Los Angeles supported […]

Social Chain at ProcureCon Marketing (Part 1)

Probably the most fascinating session at ProcureCon Marketing the day I was there was given by  Oliver Yonchev, Business Director of Social Chain, a “global […]

A Successful First Day at Jaggaer REV in Munich

Greetings from Munich in Bavaria, where the weather yesterday was not as good as in England, but the mood amongst both German and England football […]