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An Evening with Paul Howard – New Zealand Defence Force Procurement Leader

On Friday we mentioned my evening with Paul Howard, previously a procurement executive in several UK central government organisations. Paul moved out to New Zealand […]

Retaining Procurement Talent – Lessons From Spurs

Regular readers know that anything can set us off with a thought or idea about procurement that seems worth discussing. In this case – and […]

Developing Procurement Skills – Without Spending a Penny (Part 2)

This week we have been looking at the need to develop procurement staff in the light of worrying findings in the recent Deloitte CPO survey. […]

Developing Procurement Skills – Without Spending a Penny (Part 1)

Yesterday we put into context the need to develop procurement staff in the light of worrying findings in the Deloitte CPO survey, which suggested that […]

Lord Maude Interview In Supply Management Pulls Its Punches

The new issue of Supply Management magazine features an interview with Francis Maude, now Lord Maude, who was the “Minster for Procurement” in the 2010-15 […]

So You Want to Go Into Procurement Consulting – Thoughts from the USA (& from Me)

The Spend Matters US site featured another article last week from Rebecca Karp, who writes about setting up and running her own procurement consulting business. […]

Helping the Charity Sector Improve Procurement Performance – Kavita Cooper Interview

It is always a pleasure to meet interesting people who are doing interesting things, and one such experience came recently with the chance to chat […]

Procurement Comes 8th Out of 202 Occupations on Diversity – That’s NOT Good News

Great news for the procurement profession! In a survey covering no less than 202 occupations, and based on the 2015 England and Wales Labour Force […]

More on David Noble – Memories From David Smith, CIPS Past President

I was shocked and so deeply saddened to hear on Friday that my dear friend and CIPS Group CEO, David Noble, had passed away that […]

David Noble – Shock, Sadness and Sympathy As CIPS CEO Passes Away

Everybody who has any involvement with the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS), and many who don’t, will be shocked and saddened to hear […]

Sam Walsh and Bill Crothers – Two Different Challenges For CIPS!

So, despite our suggestions and to our surprise, Sam Walsh, the President of CIPS, has not resigned (or been asked to resign, we assume) following […]

Pat Mills Exclusive! Department of Health Commercial Director Resigns

When the press people at any government department don’t deny something or try and persuade you not to publish it, you can be pretty sure […]