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The Evolution of Procurement and What It Means for Contingent Labour

In our latest briefing paper written in conjunction with Comensura,  The Evolution of Procurement – and What it Means for Contingent Labour, we look at […]

Down the Procurement Pub with Procurex, Basware, Elections and The Aces

Our friend Guy Allen of Real World Sourcing / Procurement fame did no less than six 25 minute workshop sessions at yesterday’s Procurex South event […]

Public versus Private Sector Procurement – Why Public Is Better (Maybe …)

In our two previous articles in this series, we gave the four fundamental differences between procurement in the public and private sectors, that drive all […]

Pepsi Ad – That’s What Happens When You Fire Your Procurement People

… and talking of Pepsi, as we wrote here in our article principally about United Airlines, how on earth did that dreadful advert get made? […]

United Airlines – A Good Time To Negotiate A Better Deal?

Do travel buyers still have “route deals” with major airlines? We did back in the day when I was European Procurement Director for the Dun […]

Managing Risk Beyond the First-Tier Supply Base – Why Is It So Challenging

We have a new briefing paper (sponsored by riskmethods, but written independently) available to download now. It is titled Supply Chain Risk – Getting To […]

Apple Shows Where Supply Chain Power Lies – Imagination Technologies Shares Crash

Power. You can talk about lots of important words when it comes to the commercial and business arrangements between buyer and supplier. You can talk […]

Manchester NHS Contract Causes Some Controversy

It’s no exaggeration to say that this might just be one of the most significant contracts for the health of the nation – and of […]

Amazon Business Launches In UK – Our Exclusive Interview with Steve Frazier

Last week, Amazon announced the launch of Amazon Business in the UK, just four months after Germany went live as the first European venture for […]

Down The Procurement Pub with Atkins, NHS Locums, Amazon and Portugal. The Man

One of the benefits of going up to Durham every month to see my Mother now is that I get to shop at Aldi. Their […]

NHS Procurement Jobs Up for Grabs – Good News & Some Potential Issues

There are four regional jobs going in the NHS which caught our interest the other day. “The purpose of the Regional Head of Procurement role […]