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Lettuce and Supply Chain Risk – Some Mitigation Strategies (not just for lettuce …)

We wrote here about the recent lack of iceberg lettuce and courgettes in supermarkets because of poor weather in the Spanish Mediterranean growing area, where […]

Socially Sustainable Public Procurement and a Day-Trip To Leicester

Last Thursday we took the impressively on-time train service from East Midlands Trains up to Leicester for a one-day seminar on Socially Sustainable Public Procurement […]

Building The Business Case for Category Management – Future Purchasing Report

We told you last week that practitioners can now request a copy of the excellent Future Purchasing category management survey report here. Requests will go […]

Sky and Discovery Negotiations – BATNAs, Tennis and a Win:Win Twist

Did you know just how close we came the other day to losing “Say Yes To The Dress” from our screens? Not to mention serious […]

Read About Procurement Competitive Advantage In Our Commerciality Paper

We’ve published the penultimate paper in the Five Principles of Sourcing series, produced with support from our friends at complex sourcing technology firm, Trade Extensions. […]

Future Purchasing Category Management Survey – Full Report Available Now

We have kept you up to date with the whole process behind the Future Purchasing Category Management (“CatMan”) survey and report, from asking you to […]

Managing Conflicts of Interest

Today, we'd like to bring you some recent(ish) stories that got our attention: A Chairman gets advice on sustainable construction (for his own house) from […]

The Five Principles of Sourcing – Commerciality

We’ve been telling you about our Five Principles of Sourcing for a while now, and we’re pleased to announce the publication of the penultimate paper […]

Supply Chain Risk – Becoming More Uncertain Every Day

Supply Chain risk is a subject we felt we should be covering more often here, so when we met riskmethods and agreed to work together, […]

Contingent Labour Spend – The Role of Procurement

You may remember that in 2016 we ran a workshop with an impressive group of procurement leaders who had a deep interest in the procurement […]

Supplier Non-Compliance Can Make Your Brand Explode – And Not in a Good Way!

We welcome this post, our first guest post for 2017, from Daniel Ball, director at leading UK-based eProcurement provider Wax Digital. Anyone who has watched the recent Westworld […]

The “First Offer” Dilemma – When Should You Make the First Offer in Negotiations?

Here is another of our favourite guest posts of 2016 - from Vengat Narayanasamy of GEP. For additional interesting thinking on procurement, please visit the GEP Knowledge […]