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Supply Chain Risk – Download Our Free Paper Now

We have a new briefing paper (sponsored by riskmethods, but written independently) available to download now. It is titled Supply Chain Risk – Getting To […]

The Five Principles of Sourcing – The Future

If you have followed the progress of our “Five Principles of Sourcing” series, you will know that in the four briefing papers we have published […]

Best Practice – The Holy Grail of Procurement

Another of the presentations we attended at eWorld on March 1st came from Graham Bell and Peter Stediford, both client engagement managers at Capita Integrated […]

Supply Chain Visibility – New Paper Looks Beyond the First Tier

We have a new briefing paper available to download now. It is titled “ Supply Chain Risk – Getting To Grips With n-Tier Visibility”. It […]

The Evolution of Procurement – Briefing Paper Available Now

You may or may not have caught up with our recent webinar with Comensura, titled “The Evolution of Procurement – Alignment, Flexibility and Procurement-as-a-Service”. (You can […]

Final Call – Category Management Webinar Today

FINAL CALL .. although having said that, even if you can't make 4pm today, register for our webinar and you can listen / look at […]

Caspar Berry at eWorld – Unreliable Experts, Risk and Butterflies

At last week’s eWorld conference, the morning keynote speaker was Caspar Berry, ex actor and scriptwriter, professional poker player and now an expert on risk […]

Black Swans, Normal Distributions and Supply Chain Risk

This is the latest in a monthly series of articles addressing supply chain risk issues, in conjunction with our sponsors riskmethods, who provide technology that […]

Human Rights In The Supply Chain – Andy Davies Gets Us Thinking

We commend to you (that phrase has an old-fashioned resonance to it, doesn’t it) a two-part article from Andy Davies, director of the London Universities […]

Category Management – A Webinar To Help You Succeed

We have a Category Management-themed webinar coming up fairly shortly which we wanted to bring to your attention (not solely because the insights will be valuable to […]

Caspar Berry on Risk and Decision-Making at eWorld – This Should Be Really Good!

We mentioned here the forthcoming eWorld event, and the keynote speaker, Caspar Berry. We caught up with him this week on the phone to get […]

Five Principles of Sourcing – “Commerciality” Must Include Negotiation Skills

We’ve published the penultimate paper in the Five Principles of Sourcing series, produced with support from our friends at complex sourcing technology firm, Trade Extensions. […]