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The Contracts Factory – Clocking On In Time for GDPR Enforcement

As we are all aware, it’s not long to go now until the GDPR comes into force – May 25th this year to be exact. […]

New Year Useful Advice for Procurement Professionals on Tendering and Bidding

In our recent post Procurement Success in 2018 – Some Simple (But Important) Reminders - we made suggestions for, what we believe to be, some […]

Procurement As A Force For Change (Part 2)

In Part 1, we looked at my session at the recent Bloom customer event. I talked about the evolution of procurement from being concerned largely […]

Procurement As A Force For Change (Part 1)

Towards the end of last year we wrote about a couple of the guest sessions at the recent Bloom Procurement Services customer event, but we […]

New NAO Report – A Short Guide to Commercial Relationships

The UK's National Audit Office published a Short Guide to Commercial Relationships just before Christmas, the latest in a series of useful public procurement-related publications […]

New Public Procurement Thresholds – Don’t Get Too Excited!

For our public sector readers, the highlight of Hogmanay is of course getting to grips with the new threshold levels for the European Procurement Regulations […]

P&G Not Happy With Digital Media – An Opportunity For Procurement?

Another of our favourtie articles of 2017 - and an issue that certainly hasn't gone away! We’ve seen procurement and supply chain issues hitting the […]

Procurement Is THE Least Diverse Profession in UK at Senior Levels – Why?

Here is another of our favourite articles of 2017 - although this covered a somewhat delicate subject for the procurement profession. We reported yesterday on […]

Big Data – Enabling Procurement To Play A More Strategic Role In Business

We welcome this guest post from James Waite, Head of Technology Product & Enablement, Gibbs Hybrid, on how big data paves the way for procurement […]

What is Procurement Value? Tune In To Our Webinar For Some Clues

It has become generally accepted that “procurement is about value, not just savings”. Go to any conference these days and you’ll find plenty of CPOs […]

What to Consider to Secure Procurement a Seat at the Top Table

Our good friend and procurement maestro extraordinaire, Mr David Smith, sometimes known as Peter’s brother, other times, his father, has written a short article on […]

Best of 2017: Developing Procurement Skills – Without Spending a Penny

In the run up to, and over, the holiday period we thought we would feature some of our favourite articles from 2017. So let's kick […]