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Maximising Value From P2P Implementations – Paper Available Now

If you're interested in P2P technology and particularly if you are looking at a first time or renewal systems project, you might like to take […]

KFC Hands Work Back To Previous Supplier – Raises Sourcing Strategy Questions

So Kentucky Fried Chicken had to eat humble (chicken?) pie and go back to their previous logistics supplier, Bidvest, at least for the north of […]

Louis Fernandes of Basware – Future Proofing Your Tech Investments

We still see many speakers at conferences who work for software firms and basically give a 20-minute sales pitch for their firm. That’s fine if […]

Finding the Right Technology Partner To Innovate Your Business Model

Digital Transformation, in terms of cloud technology, advanced analytics, blockchain, Internet of Things and so on, is, and if not will soon be, affecting every industry, in every sector, everywhere. So it’s no time to be on the back foot – businesses of every size need to start, if they haven’t already, embracing new technologies in order to innovate their business models if they mean to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. That was the message from Bastiaan van Drempt, Director of Coact Consulting Group in his discussion session at eWorld which we attended last month. He aimed to give delegates an idea of the guiding principles they would need to help govern digital business strategy, and therefore, what to look for in a technology provider or partner. We worked in groups and you can read here what our findings were. This led nicely into a discsussion about what we need to be looking for in our digital transformation or journey, and what we need to help innovate our business models.

The Weather Forecast – Supply Chain Risk Will Be High On the Agenda!

As I look outside on this bright, sunny morning, it is hard to believe that just a week ago I could hardly get out of […]

Coupa Benchmark Report – Measuring Spend Management Success

We introduced the new Coupa 2018 benchmark report titled “12 ways to measure business spend management success” last week. You can download it here, free […]

Ensuring that NHS Professional Services Spend Delivers Value

This is another in our series of articles relating to good practice in terms of procurement of consulting and related services, published in conjunction with […]

Jamie Foster of McLaren – Lessons from a Senior Procurement Career

The keynote at eWorld last week came from Jamie Foster, Group Procurement Director at McLaren Technology Group, and previously Procurement Director for several years at […]

What Do You Know About Myers-Briggs? Is It “Scientific”?

My daughter is a science communicator with a background in neuroscience and psychology. She is also a questioning, quite sceptical person by nature (she is […]

What Is Holding the Procurement Specialist Back from Using Reverse Auctions?

Jonathan Rollason is Managing Director at Purchasing Auctions, and past president of CIPS. He explains how reverse auctions have been used all over the world to […]

Carillion and Supplier Financial Risk – Ongoing & Robust Monitoring Needed

As the reverberations of Carillion’s insolvency continue to resound, a whole range of procurement-related issues are still front of our minds and presumably those of […]

Supplier Information Webinar – Recording Available Now

Last week I ran the latest Real World Procurement (RWP) webinar, titled What Do You Need to Know About Your Suppliers? Until recently I would […]