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Trade Extensions Results – And Might Technology Threaten the 3PL World?

complex sourcing

Privately owned firms don’t have to say too much about their performance publicly, unlike those with a stock market quote. But most will make some […]

Coupa Adds AI and Machine-Learning Spend-Data Classification to its Suite

Yesterday, leading cloud-based spend management firm, Coupa, announced* its acquisition of UK-based analytics solution provider Spend360 International Ltd. “Spend360 is an analytics solution that uses […]

The A-Z of Reverse Auctions – Market Dojo Takes Us Through Their Alphabet

We're pleased to feature a guest post from Market Dojo, providers of auction-related and other procurement solutions and software. We love reverse auctions! Yes, as […]

Managing Your Temporary Workforce the tabs Way

It’s always interesting to hear about old procurement friends who are doing something a little different, so we were intrigued when Simon Jones got in […]

Crown Commercial Service Technology Products 2 – Looks Good!

The Crown Commercial Service Technology Products 2 framework went live last week. In total, 68 companies have won a place on one or more of […]

A Deep-Dive On Basware – From Spend Matters US

Our US colleagues have covered eProcurement firm Basware in some depth recently. Spend Matters US has carried out a deep dive on the firm's product […]

Vizibl and Old Street Labs – An (ex)-Coupa Coup!


We’ve mentioned Vizibl in passing a few times over the past couple of years without getting into a lot of detail. The platform comes from […]

Welcome to Koble! Smarter Business Through Networking …

It is about a year since we first told you about SpendLead*, the new platform launched by Fabrice Saporito, previously CEO of Sievo. SpendLead was […]

Breaking News – NHS Shelford Group To Use Virtualstock Catalogue Management Tool

It’s been announced this morning that the Shelford Group* of 10 leading NHS Trusts will deploy Virtualstock’s cloud-based catalogue management solution. This is one of the first […]

IT Supply Chain Developments and Their Impact on Buying Decisions

Al Nagar, Head of Benchmarking, KnowledgeBus, Mercato Solutions, continues his series of monthly advisory pieces sharing recent movements and impactors within key IT product categories, to keep you up to date with the […]

Free Research Paper – The Five Principles of Sourcing, What and Why?

We have produced several research papers during the course of the past few months, some you may have missed owing to the holiday season. If […]

The Merger – Tension and Technology Insight In Our Short Story

We have produced several research papers during the course of the past few months, and we think some you may have missed our work owing […]