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Solutiam – A New Platform for Seekers of Procurement Market Knowledge

We discovered a new (ish) procurement platform recently that we thought you would be interested to hear about. From what we could see when we […]

Bringing Consumer Technology to the Buying World

Ed Bradley, Co-Founder at Virtualstock discusses the importance of supply chain data management to performance. The experiences of consumer technology such as Uber and Amazon and […]

Meet Companies, Start Relationships, Do Business – Get Kobling!

That sounds like an advert, which it is partly, but only because we think it’s a pretty neat piece of procurement software, linking buyers and […]

Koble – The Business Matchmaking Platform Matures and Grows

Last quarter (just) we introduced you to Koble - the “Smarter Business Through Networking” platform. Essentially, it is a social network for businesses that helps enterprise users […]

SpendLead Launch – How Procurement Can Avoid Dis-Intermediation

SpendLead is the online business communication and matchmaking service for companies to “find and be found”. As founder Fabrice Saporito says, it “facilitates social engagement […]

SpendLead Launch Event – See You Tomorrow …

We are looking forward to seeing some of our friends and readers tomorrow evening for the SpendLead launch event at the Waterloo Bar and Kitchen […]

Effective Supplier Management – Better Outcomes for Everyone

We are pleased to bring you this post from Richard Skelton, Procurement Service Manager (acting), ESPO. ESPO is a customer-focused, not-for-profit, public sector buying organisation owned by […]

SID4GOV procurement portal: an online marketplace for suppliers and buyers

NQC is the developer of SID4GOV, now enhanced further as the platform to enable all public sector buyers to access supplier information through a single online system. It gathers information directly from suppliers and provides a single view of critical supplier data, offering increased scope, enhanced functionality and accurate, up-to-date data. NQC was founded in 2003 by a partnership of individual public procurement experts. It has worked closely with the Cabinet Office and the Home Office on sustainability and information security reporting respectively. This year it became involved with the development of the public procurement standard initiative when DEFRA engaged it to implement the balanced scorecard within SID4GOV and roll out the system. We talked to Adrian Segens, Head of Sales, NQC.

The supplier’s lament — Hey! You’re no amateur buyer, right? – part 1

We are pleased to bring you this guest post from Stephen Ashcroft, procurement risk coach at Brian Farrington. Stephen shares his company’s learnings from dealing […]

Negotiation Planning – a short refresher

We’re delighted to present a post from Stephen Ashcroft, Procurement Risk Consultant, Brian Farrington Ltd, following the theme of commercial negotiation skills. "Negotiating major deals and dispute scenarios needs addressing in many organisations. There is the assumption that everyone is a natural negotiator and deeply educated in the available tools and techniques – that’s not what I have seen. There are some who should never be allowed near a negotiation room." Stephen provides some pragmatic and useful (refresher) points for “the Buyer” and the reader of Spend Matters.

Win-Win? – The Problem of Analytic Subjectivity and Straw Men

This guest post comes from Professor Andrew Cox, whose book “The Problem with Win-Win,” which we discussed earlier this month, has stirred some debate. We […]