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Down the Procurement Pub with Science Warehouse, Melinda Johnson, CIPS and Selena Gomez

I was in Leeds this week for the Science Warehouse customer conference and had an early dinner at the Town Hall Tavern, on my shortlist […]

Down the Procurement Pub with SAP Ariba, CIPS Awards, BravoSolution, Science Warehouse and Sandy Denny

Here is a group of "top procurement analysts" at the SAP Ariba event in Prague on Wednesday night (before the disastrous London fire hit the […]

The Psychology of Negotiation – Peter Smith Speaking at CIPS Huntingdon Meeting

On Tuesday June 27th I’m speaking at the CIPS Cambridge and Peterborough Branch event at Huntingdon Racecourse. Registration starts at 6pm, and it is a […]

Down the Procurement Pub with Coupa, BravoSolution, CIPS and Himalayas

We come to you this week from the Parcel Yard pub at Kings Cross Station (not bad at all for a pub in a railway […]

Conflicting Signals from UK Economy – Be Prepared Is The Message

What is happening in the UK economy? There are contradictory indicators, that‘s for sure. Let’s start with CIPS (the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) […]

Sam Walsh – Five Things We Learnt At The CIPS Dinner

Sam Walsh had a difficult job as he kicked off the CIPS Annual Dinner last week. As the CIPS President, this was his first high-profile […]

Down the Procurement Pub With Invapay, CIPS, ProcureCon, Vizibl and Electricity Bill

As we said yesterday, the CIPS Dinner had some sadness at its heart, fewer jokes and perhaps a little less wine consumed (actually, forget that […]

CIPS Annual Dinner – Sam Walsh Leads Tribute To David Noble

Last night, around 300 people assembled for the CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) Annual Dinner at 8 Northumberland Avenue in central London, which is […]

Down the Procurement Pub With CIPS, PWC, the Oscars & Laura Marling

Jason Busch was over this week and we had a busy day at eWorld – apologies to people we didn’t get round to seeing, I […]

More on David Noble – Memories From David Smith, CIPS Past President

I was shocked and so deeply saddened to hear on Friday that my dear friend and CIPS Group CEO, David Noble, had passed away that […]

David Noble – Shock, Sadness and Sympathy As CIPS CEO Passes Away

Everybody who has any involvement with the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS), and many who don’t, will be shocked and saddened to hear […]