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Don’t Delegate Recruitment – Think About Your Legacy!

As you get older, you can’t help but think about your legacy. One thing that has struck me is how tenuous most business legacies really […]

Best of 2017: Developing Procurement Skills – Without Spending a Penny

In the run up to, and over, the holiday period we thought we would feature some of our favourite articles from 2017. So let's kick […]

What Makes a Successful Procurement Leader (Part 2)

In Part 1 yesterday we talked about George Owens, who won the Procurement and Supply Professional of the Year award in Berlin recently at the […]

What Makes a Successful Procurement Leader? (Part 1)

Many, many words have been written about procurement leadership and what makes a successful procurement director, CPO or equivalent. We should always be careful about […]

Thought for Today – Your CEO Doesn’t Care About “Procurement”

The first in a series of short, sharp nuggets designed to provoke thought. No competent CEO or Board really cares about the future of the […]

CEOs and CPOs – Not Aligned On Key Objectives, Suggests Ayming Report

We featured the Procurement 2020 report from consulting firm Ayming here and the findings from their survey that suggested many CEOs were dissatisfied with their […]

Give Us Solutions and Benefits – Selling to the CPO, part 2

Continuing our look into the CPO’s head, aimed at solution providers and others selling into these fine individuals! Part 1 was here. If you can […]

We’re Busy People! Selling to the CPO – Part 1

I still think of early September as the real “New Year” – something to do with school and university terms I think, 16 years for […]

Drawing Conclusions for Procurement Leaders from the Kath Harmeston Tribunal

We promised to come back to the Kath Harmeston industrial tribunal and draw some lessons and conclusions for procurement professionals. That follows our three-part review […]

Reaching the Top: Procurement at the Board Table

We are pleased to welcome this guest post from Stuart Brocklehurst , chief executive of Applegate Marketplace, B2B technology service provider. Stuart has sat on 11 boards, […]

SRM: Five Leadership Challenges (Part 1)

Continuing his series on supplier relationship management, ex CPO and SRM guru, David Atkinson, offers an expert look at five key challenges for the CPO. For some years now, […]

Anne Rung at the Spend Matters Tech Summit – White House “CPO” Explains Her Plans

At the Spend Matters / ISM Procurement Tech Summit last week, one of the highlights was Anne Rung talking about her programme for US Federal […]