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Down the Procurement Pub with Efficio, Alex K, Mail Rail, ProcureCon and The Amazing

I started the week with a very pleasant lunch on Monday – it always somehow feels particularly indulgent to be having good food and maybe […]

Why the Trump Victory Should Change the Way You Think About Your Supply Chain  

Supply risk management

As part of our 'Trump Day' analysis, we are delighted to feature this thought from Toby Munyard, Vice President of Efficio, Business Management Consultants. We […]

Negotiation: Time To Change Mindset and Approach? Part 2

Staples Essendant

We are pleased to bring you part 2 of this advisory post from Christo Zeller, Principal, at procurement consulting firm Efficio. Picture the following scenario: a supplier has […]

Negotiation: Time To Change Mindset and Approach? Part 1

This advisory post comes to us from Christo Zeller, Principal, at Efficio, the procurement consulting firm. Part 2 follows tomorrow. Picture the following scenario: a supplier […]

Savings Targets and Budget Wars — How Procurement Can Help You Win

We are pleased to welcome this post from Mert Erkan, who has considerable investment banking, strategy development and execution and catman training experience, and is now Manager […]

Spend Analytics from Efficio – Procurement Consultants Branch Out

Efficio, the procurement consulting firm, announced a strategically significant move last week with the launch of their Spend Analytics software product, “the first product in […]

“Now, About Those Savings You Promised …” (Part 2)

Today we continue our guest post from Alex Klein, COO, Efficio. Yesterday (in Part 1) we began looking at savings leakage and how, even if a contract […]

“Now, About Those Savings You Promised …” (Part 1)

We hope you find this guest post from Alex Klein, COO Efficio, interesting and informative. In two parts Alex gives his expert opinion on why procurement […]

Efficio – Moving Beyond Procurement Consulting

Efficio has been one of the big success stories in the procurement “service provider” world over the past couple of decades. It’s a firm I’ve […]

Down the Procurement Pub with webinars from Iasta and SciQuest, Rosslyn Analytics and Sharon Van Etten

A recommendation today for two London pubs, both visited in the last week or so, and both doing a range of excellent real ales, with […]