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Contracting Authorities Must Not Implement Public Procurement Boycotts

Local authorities in the UK have been told by central government that they cannot boycott goods from particular countries. This is aimed very much at […]

Public Spend Matters Europe – Highlights from this Week

Here is our Friday run down of  what we have published for you on our site dedicated to exciting and fascinating matters connected with European […]

The Curate’s Egg: We Need Courage To Deliver Best Public Procurement Outcomes

We're pleased to feature this guest article from  Steve Burton, health & social care category manager at public sector collaborative buying organisation, ESPO. After years, […]

Supreme Court Decision: NS&I Can Give Atos £130M Contract Without Specific Competition

A case at the UK’s Supreme Court this month confirmed the award of a £130 million revenue contract, awarded without a new public competition, to […]

This Week’s Summary of Articles from Public Spend Matters Europe

Here's a summary of our stories from around Europe on Public Spend Matters Europe this week. There’s a new article every day so the volume […]

UK Central Government Says: You’ll Do Procurement OUR Way, Sunshine, Understand?

This has not had a whole lot of comment in the media, but slipped into the UK's Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill, which became […]

Public Procurement – Legal Ruling against Winchester Council, You Can’t Vary a Contract THAT Much!

A legal judgement affecting the beautiful and ancient city of Winchester has some implications that procurement people generally should note. Although technically we might see […]

Digital Marketplace / G-Cloud Store – How Much Spend Is Illegal or Inappropriate?

The UK Government’s Digital Marketplace (previously known as the G-Cloud Store) had what looked like a successful November, with sales of £40 million going through […]

This Week’s Summary of Articles from Public Spend Matters Europe

It’s Friday, so it's time for a roundup of the articles published on Public Spend Matters Europe this week. The site, launched on September 1st, is building […]

New EU Regulations allow early engagement — Public Spend Matters Europe Post

Engaging with suppliers before the beginning of a formal procurement process has for many years been seen as normal in the private sector. For any case where the requirement is complex, or the market is uncertain, or there are a range of possible solutions, then talking to potential suppliers early in the process can help. But many public sector professionals have been nervous about this “market engagement,” because it runs the risk that later on, other potential suppliers might claim that the process was unfair that they were not also “engaged.” If the supplier winning the contract was one that was involved in the engagement, then others would claim that this gave the winner an unfair advantage.

New procurement regulations – help for small firms and mutuals

Back to the new EU Directives today. And there are a range of changes designed to help smaller firms and mutuals. (And many thanks to […]

New EU Procurement Directives – selecting suppliers

Back to the new EU Directives and some of the changes that will be converted into national legislation shortly. There are a number of changes […]