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Expense Management

Why Is Workplace Expense Management So Painful?

We welcome this post from Rodolphe Ardant, CEO and co-founder Spendesk These days, there’s no limit to the range of innovative technologies available to help workplaces […]

Expense Fraud – Is It Really Worth Your Job?

Another tale or two of “procurement” fraud (in its broadest sense) hit the news last week. The Wall Street Journal broke this story, reporting that […]

A Visit to Selenity – Virtual Meets Reality (Part 1)

Selenity is a UK tech firm that provides a cloud-based expense management system, HR case management and a contract management solution. They are feature-rich, easy-to-use, […]

Software Europe Becomes Selenity – Away Shirts and a Game Changer

Five years ago we paid a visit to privately owned Software Europe (based in Lincoln), interested in the firm as a provider of expense management […]