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The Evolution of Procurement – What Does The Future Hold?

In our latest briefing paper written in conjunction with Comensura,  The Evolution of Procurement – and What it Means for Contingent Labour, we look at […]

Big Changes on the Horizon for Team Procurement

We welcome this guest post from Daniel Ball, Director, director at Wax Digital looking at what the future holds for 'Team Procurement.' Over recent years we’ve spent lots […]

Procurement-as-a-Service: One Approach to Meet the New Expectations of Stakeholders

Procurement today needs to show it adds significant value to the business as a whole: be that private sector, public authority or third sector. And […]

What’s the Future of Procurement? How the Rogues Will Become the Heroes

In another of eWorld’s 30-minute briefings, Jon Vass, Account Executive at Tradeshift, the business commerce flexible platform, talked to us about Procurement’s future. By that […]

Wax Digital Video Features Jason Busch on The Future of Procurement

Wax Digital are featuring a specially recorded presentation (it’s not available anywhere else, we should say) from our very own Jason Busch, Spend Matters founder. […]

Pierre Mitchell in ‘Year-End’ Talks with Philip Ideson

We don't often like to 'blow our own trumpets,' but as it's nearly Christmas, we thought we owed ourselves a little over indulgence. We're talking […]

The Future of Procurement – “Source Code for Survival”

(We welcome this thought-provoking post from Dr. Richard Russill, author, mentor, educator and all-round  procurement guru!) Poised? ... or Precarious? Take your choice as to […]

BravoConnect Keynote: Smart 8-Year Olds, Smarter Machines

One of the highlights of the recent BravoConnect conference was the keynote from Mike Walsh, who was described as a “futurist”, which along with his […]

Ariba’s Alex Atzberger and Jason Busch on the ‘Golden Age of Procurement’

Over on our sister Spend Matters US site, there is an interesting two-part discussion between Jason Busch, Spend Matters founder, and Alex Atzberger, SAP Ariba […]

Daniel Moylan Doesn’t Like EU Procurement – So What Would Replace It?

A longer version of this article is available on our Public Spend Forum Europe website here. The arguments in the UK about whether the country should […]

The Future of Procurement – According to Dr Lamoureux

Michael Lamoureux, aka the doctor, as he is known to his friends, is a brilliant guy who works with and writes for our Spend Matters […]