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SAP Ariba on the Future of Procurement – Should We Fear the Robots?

We mentioned in our Friday round-up the SAP Ariba "Future of Procurement” event at the impressive Royal College of Physicians in London last week. There […]

Melani Flores on Digitalization of Procurement – Highlights from BravoConnect 2017

Melani Flores heads up the Procurement Advisory Practice in EMEA for the Hackett Group. She gave the closing keynote at last week’s BravoConnect 2107 event […]

Transitioning from Being Measured on Savings to Being Measured on Value

We had a bit of a ‘galactic’ and somewhat philosophical speech from Ian Thompson, UK Senior Director at Tradeshift, at eWorld last month. But when […]

Procurement In 2020 – As Predicted in 2011 (Part 2)

Here is another one of our summer “blasts from the past”, this one from May 2011. We think it’s interesting to see how this “vision […]

Procurement In 2020 (As Predicted In 2011)

Here is another one of our summer “blasts from the past”, this one from May 2011, and we will have part 2 of this tomorrow. […]

Rob Knott on The Future of NHS Procurement

Our good friend Rob Knott, who now works with Virtualstock and was previously National Director, NHS Procurement, has written an interesting article for the HCSA (Healthcare […]

All-Purpose Procurement Article Template – Delete As Appropriate!

After our recent pub debate (see video here and articles here) we are much pre-occupied by the thought that not only procurement executives but also […]

Why The Robots Will Run Procurement – Pub Debate Arguments (Part 2)

We gave you the highlights of last week’s pub debate here, which debated the contentious motion “This House Believes that Robots will Run (and Rule) […]

The Future of Procurement – An Apology

I spoke last week at the Science Warehouse customer event and my keynote was titled “The Future of Procurement – the Good, the Bad and […]

“The Robots Are Coming” Pub Debate – The Line-Up Is Complete!

We can now disclose the final line-up for your forthcoming pub debate on July 13th, 6pm prompt start, at The Clarence pub – a very […]

The Evolution of Procurement – What Does The Future Hold?

In our latest briefing paper written in conjunction with Comensura,  The Evolution of Procurement – and What it Means for Contingent Labour, we look at […]