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Down the Procurement Pub with Ivalua, the NHS, Coupa, Taylor Swift and White

The Ivalua conference this week had a cinema theme, and there were a number of look-alikes patrolling the venue, including this rather lovely Marilyn Monroe […]

The Tail Spend Animal … Not Easy to Tame

We are pleased to publish this post on our Hot Topic: Tail Spend Management. It comes from Jim Kiser of GEP, a leading global provider of consulting, […]

Spend Matters 50/50: GEP – A Provider To Know in 2015

We announced here and here our two (not ranked) lists: Spend Matters 50 To Know and 50 To Watch firms for 2015/2016. In the first case, […]

Rick Hughes, ex CPO of Procter & Gamble – Procurement Provocateur (part 2)

Today, we conclude our “procurement provocateurs” interview with Rick Hughes (see part 1 here). Until his retirement last year, he spent over 30 years with […]

Rick Hughes, ex CPO of Procter and Gamble – Procurement Provocateur

Rick Hughes is the ex CPO of  Procter and Gamble, and you realise the scale of that when you speak to him. I personally held […]

The Art of Supplier Relationship Management (Part 2)

Yesterday we published part 1 of an article from Paul Blake of GEP on our Hot Topic SRM. Here is part 2. For more interesting thinking […]

The Art of Supplier Relationship Management

Please welcome this article from Paul Blake of GEP on our Hot Topic for this month. It is published in two parts and the second […]

The Future of 3D Printing and Its Effect on the Supply Chain

We read on 3D Printing.com that: "It is predicted by some additive manufacturing advocates that this technological development will change the nature of commerce, because […]

Supplier Management Myth Busting

We are pleased to bring you this guest post from Santosh Reddy of GEP, which lays out 5 common procurement myths: "A cat crossing someone’s path has been considered inauspicious for such a long time now that the origin to the myth is also forgotten. Today, I was in a temple for an early morning prayer and I noticed a cat walking by the people attending the prayer, even by the priests and deities. No one was bothered by its presence, particularly the priests who treated it as one more devotee. No one shooed the cat away. This goes to show that such myths have been busted and have far less impact on our lives now than before. Surprisingly, this same logic applies to many relationships. Let’s try busting a few related to supplier relationships."

Are you REALLY realising savings on marketing print? Part 2

We are delighted to publish the second part to this guest post from Santosh Reddy of GEP.  In the first part GEP gave some tips on how to tap […]

Are you REALLY realising savings on marketing print? Part 1

We are delighted to publish this guest post from Santosh Reddy of GEP, whose Knowledge Bank is a rich and varied source of procurement thinking. In this post GEP explains […]

Using a Managed Service Provider as an Option for Procurement Outsourcing

The main reason companies choose to outsource is to reduce costs, however, a few poor choices and decisions can cause the advantages to come at a significant cost. For instance, you can outsource your manufacturing to China but it will affect your speed to market, innovation, etc. The same though does not apply to the outsourcing of certain non-core functional activities, like Procurement. The past few years have seen an increase in the outsourcing of supplier management. The trend that I am referring to is that of “Managed Service Provider” – a concept that has been around for more than a decade now but has only started to evolve as a Procurement Outsourcing concept in the past couple of years. Today, organisations are looking at MSPs not only with the intent to outsource a certain activity, but to enable them to manage other suppliers that perform a given activity for the company.