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Future Purchasing on the Benefits of Effective Category Management

We’ve featured the excellent Future Purchasing Category Management report here previously, titled  "Collaborating for Category Management Success - Bridging the Performance and Value Gap". The […]

Negotiation Advice – REALLY Listen, Think, Respond

Yesterday we talked about the importance of listening in the context of negotiation. That was the number one piece of advice from my friend Alan […]

Listening – The Under-Rated Negotiation Skill

We mentioned on Friday our lunch with Alan Thomson, an old friend and an experienced sales director, who has just left negotiation training firm, the […]

Weather-Related Supply Chain Risk – An (Icy) Blast From The Past

Through August, we’re going to be running some of our “greatest hits” from what is almost seven years of Spend Matters UK/Europe.  We’ll keep bringing […]

How Supply Chain Professionals and Their Suppliers Can Deal with the Implications of Brexit (Part 2)

Continuing our guest post from Richard Neale, Director of EMEA Marketing, at business intelligence firm Birst, an Infor company. In part 1, I looked at how companies […]

Kristian Saksida, Solvay CPO – Keynote at ProcureCon Europe

We will be featuring the highlights from the recent ProcureCon Berlin event here over the next couple of weeks. We will start today with “Lessons […]

Lessons For Procurement From The Music Licensing World

We wrote a couple of weeks ago about Big Sync and the fascinating business of music licensing and more widely how brands are using music […]

Implementing Procurement Efficiency / Cost Reduction Programmes – Demand Management

As we said here, we are in a period of considerable economic and political uncertainty for many businesses and indeed public sector organisations too. Uncertainty […]

Quick Wins for the New Procurement Leader – Download Our Paper Now

Supply risk management

We recently published a briefing paper titled Quick Wins for the New Procurement Leader – sponsored by the good people at BravoSolution. It is based […]

Quick Wins for the New Procurement Leader

This is one of those useful, practical, sound advice papers that we believe every Procurement leader should have on their virtual shelf. It follows the […]

IT: Procurement’s Unknown Ally?

Following on from the first post on the relationship between Procurement and other departments, "Why Procurement, Sales and Marketing Need to Align Their Views of […]

Procurement Still Not Getting the Basics Right – and it’s Happening Too Often

For all our talk of great strategic initiatives, capturing innovation from suppliers, and complex data analytics, talking to actual, real suppliers can be a depressing […]