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A Crisis In Social Care? Alllied Healthcare Looks To Re-Structure Debts

There was a worrying development late last week when Allied Healthcare told staff and clients that they are seeking a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) – […]

As We Predicted – Health Personalisation Spending Hits the Headlines!

We always try to bring you the latest news, but (unlike many websites) also where possible add our opinion and experience in order to suggest […]

Down the Procurement Pub with Coupa, the Sunshine Act, the Budget & Saint Raymond

Not much pub visiting this week actually, most of my time at home, so here is a nice shot of Pierre Mitchell, my Spend Matters […]

Andy McMinn on Clinician-Led Procurement at BravoSolution Connect Event

We have mentioned previously the work being done by Andy McMinn, CPO at the Plymouth Hospitals  NHS Trust, and his break-out session was a highlight […]

Simon Stevens, NHS CEO – Let’s Make Staffing Agencies the Scapegoats for NHS Problems

It is clear that Simon Stevens is not stupid. Far from it, he is one of the cleverest men in the country. As an ex […]

NHS Costs Rise Faster than Income – Health Foundation Report Sounds the Alarm

We wrote last week about the issues around locum staff in the NHS. There were a couple of interesting comments, including one suggesting “we don’t […]

Buying of Medical Locums is a Mess – Advice From Comensura

Of all the procurement categories across the entire UK Public Sector, which one is the biggest train wreck? (I’m talking colloquially, I don’t mean West […]

Hospitals and NHS England in Classic Supply Chain Power Struggle

More problems and challenges in the UK health world. NHS Providers, which represents a group of major hospital Trusts, has basically refused to accept the […]

Health Services: CCG Contracts — Friend or Enema! Part 1

Kicking off this month's hot topic -- Health Services -- is this guest post from Stephen Ashcroft of Brian Farrington, which is the first of three parts. Clinical […]

Down the procurement pub with the Bluelight portal, Boeing, Proxima, health data and Hozier

The Museum Tavern for a working lunch with Guy Allen. Good beer selection, but £6.29 for a toasted cheese and ham sarnie (with salad) or […]

Exclusive! More on today’s NHS Procurement announcement

On today's Pienaar’s Politics, the BBC Radio 5 radio show, and again on the Andrew Marr show on TV, the UK government’s Health Minister, Jeremy […]

Procurement fraud – make CPOs and CFOs accountable

Here’s something that really, really gets me worked up.  Madeleine Webster has been sent to prison for spending £160,000 of her employer’s money on printer […]