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Koble Signs Huge Deal With Xpand In Asia For Procurement Matchmaking Tool

Exciting news today from Koble … the firm we’ve featured over the past couple of years for two reasons. Jason Busch and I were initial […]

DHL Fails to Halt NHS Supply Chain Logistics Contract Award

We featured here the DHL challenge to the Department of Health / NHS (the contracting authority is “Supply Chain Co-ordination Ltd” - SCCL) over the […]

Down the Procurement Festival with Determine, Proactis, Bloom, NHS Fraud and Faim

Well, my only trip to the pub this very quiet week was with my colleague Nancy for our monthly catch-up in person, and we forgot […]

Cost Reduction Is Not Enough – Defining Procurement and Corporate Value

I’ve been thinking and writing about “procurement value” in the past few weeks, lining up a new briefing paper and webinar that we’ll tell you […]

Down the Procurement Beer Festival with Virgin, Carillion, SolarWinds and Broken Witt Rebels

Down the Procurement Pub comes to you this week from the Great British Beer Festival at Olympia, where I have spent the last 72 hours […]

CIPS Has a New Website: Big Improvement Despite Dizzying Home Page

CIPS (the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) has got a new website! Our research suggests the last big refresh was back in 2012, so […]

Ministry of Justice Adds Probation Services To List of Contracting Failures

Today, another example of the UK public sector news stories slipped out recently just before the “end of term”. Maybe that was to meet KPIs […]

MOD Halts Frigate Procurement – Lack of Compliant Bids Or Lack of Cash?

Another one of the announcements made just before the UK parliament went into summer recess was around a major Ministry of Defence procurement for Royal […]

Down the Procurement Pub with the NHS, Basware, the RSA and Deaf Havana

Here I am with Jeff Meredith from Basware having lunch in the Ned in the City. Jeff spends much of his time in Europe, despite […]

Serco Challenges MOD Procurement Decision – A High Stakes Game

We are seeing a rash of supplier challenges to major government procurement exercises at the moment. One of the most interesting is Serco’s challenge to […]

Crown Commercial Service Annual Report – CEO Signs Off

Another recent government announcement (amongst the end of term rush) we were slow to pick up on was the Crown Commercial Service Annual Report and […]

The Future of Procurement – Part 2, What Needs To Change Now?

We welcome another two-part guest post on our summer hot topic of the Future of Procurement – this is from Alan Haynes, and yesterday he […]