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Down the Procurement Pub with Lawson, Tyldesley, Passports and Courtney Barnett

This is me lunching at the Great Fosters Tudor Room restaurant this week near Egham – a celebration, for reasons we aren't going to mention, […]

Kentucky Fried Chicken Supply Failure, What Went Wrong? – The Phantom CPO Speaks

We have had an unusual guest article submitted from someone (something?) that calls him- or herself “The Phantom CPO!” All they would tell us is […]

NEPO – Successful Regional Procurement Collaboration Comes Of Age (Part 3)

In the final part of our series on NEPO – the North East Procurement Organisation – we will take a look at one of the […]

NEPO – Successful Regional Procurement Collaboration Comes Of Age (Part 2)

We touched on the NEPO Business Club in part 1 yesterday and the collaborative buying organisation’s work with the local North-east business community. In terms […]

NEPO – Successful Regional Procurement Collaboration Comes Of Age (Part 1)

It is quite a view from the NEPO office on the ground floor of the Newcastle Guildhall (under restoration at the moment – watch out […]

Down The Procurement Fruit Section with CCS, KFC and Gypsy’s Kiss

I have had a couple of pleasant drinks this week but I have not been very diligent with the pictures, so for a change, here […]

Finding the Right Technology Partner To Innovate Your Business Model

Digital Transformation, in terms of cloud technology, advanced analytics, blockchain, Internet of Things and so on, is, and if not will soon be, affecting every industry, in every sector, everywhere. So it’s no time to be on the back foot – businesses of every size need to start, if they haven’t already, embracing new technologies in order to innovate their business models if they mean to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. That was the message from Bastiaan van Drempt, Director of Coact Consulting Group in his discussion session at eWorld which we attended last month. He aimed to give delegates an idea of the guiding principles they would need to help govern digital business strategy, and therefore, what to look for in a technology provider or partner. We worked in groups and you can read here what our findings were. This led nicely into a discsussion about what we need to be looking for in our digital transformation or journey, and what we need to help innovate our business models.

National Procurement Service of Wales: The BBC Gets Over-Excited …

At the end of last week, public sector procurement in Wales hit the headlines – well, in Wales anyway, as the BBC seemed (as far […]

Ensuring that NHS Professional Services Spend Delivers Value

This is another in our series of articles relating to good practice in terms of procurement of consulting and related services, published in conjunction with […]

Procurious Big Ideas Summit Returns to London

We’re pleased to publish this sponsored message from Procurious, the leading online network for procurement and supply chain professionals. Spend Matters attended the first couple of […]

Leeds e-Procurement Firm Science Warehouse Is Acquired By Advanced Business Software

On Friday, Mercia Technologies announced that Science Warehouse (SW), the Leeds-based e-procurement technology firm, has been sold to Berkshire (UK)-based Advanced Business Software and Solutions […]