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Public Spend Forum – Public Procurement Highlights from this Week

Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a public sector procurement global community and market intelligence platform dedicated to improving public procurement and the public sector market. It […]

NEPO – Successful Regional Procurement Collaboration Comes Of Age (Part 1)

It is quite a view from the NEPO office on the ground floor of the Newcastle Guildhall (under restoration at the moment – watch out […]

Colin Cram Asks – Should Construction Procurement In UK Local Government Be Centralised?

We haven’t always seen eye to eye with ex-civil servant procurement executive Colin Cram, particularly in terms of his views that Tesco was a good […]

Haringey Fraud – Where Was the “Procurement” Discipline?

The latest in a long line of frauds committed by employees was featured in the papers last week. In this disgraceful case, it was a […]

Down the Procurement Pub with Surrey, NAO, Coe and Nao! (It’s a Poem…)

I had a beer with several lovely people this week and foolishly failed to take any pics. So here is another in our series of […]

Wales Procurement Week – Where Were the Big Buyers?

We’ve started featuring some of the highlight sessions for last week’s Wales Procurement Week over on our sister site, Public Spend Matters Europe. So you […]

Public Procurement – Legal Ruling against Winchester Council, You Can’t Vary a Contract THAT Much!

A legal judgement affecting the beautiful and ancient city of Winchester has some implications that procurement people generally should note. Although technically we might see […]

Local Authorities must boost SME spending according to ‘first of its kind’ report

Newly published report, “Spend Small – The Local Authority Spend Index” -- reveals how much local authorities spend on goods and services from small and medium-size businesses. Written by the Centre for Entrepreneurs and Spend Network, the report is the first of its kind to draw upon analysis of government spending data: more than 44 million transactions across 158 local authorities. It also outlines recommendations for local and central government to boost their spending with small firms, which in turn will lead job creation and economic growth. This report comes four years after a coalition agreement committed to promote small business procurement, with the aim that 25 percent of government contracts be awarded to SMEs by 2015. Last year we reported on “Government spend with SMEs – some success, a whole lot of political spin” which you can read here.

Local Authority Procurement – An Uneven Playing Field for SMEs (part 2)

(We're delighted to feature a guest post from Jim Lynch of PLC Leisure Consulting  - more about him at the end of this piece. In […]

Local Authority Procurement – An Uneven Playing Field for SMEs (part 1)

(We're delighted to feature a guest post from Jim Lynch of PLC Leisure Consulting  - more about him at the end of this piece). I […]

Lowendalmasai report on local authority procurement – better than its headline

We’ve had a dig on a number of occasions at reports that purport to show the huge savings potential in the public sector, but don’t […]

Sleepy Surrey Slides into Sourcing and Sino-shareholding Sensationalism!

I live in Surrey, the classic, somewhat sleepy, commuter-land county. Here’s a good quiz fact – Surrey is the most wooded County in England... isn’t […]