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Questions Remain Over Kentucky Fried Chicken Supply Chain Debacle

No doubt the Kentucky Fried Chicken supply debacle will fade from the collective memory quickly, but at the moment there are many questions unanswered. It’ll […]

Implementing Cost Reduction Programmes – Logistics and Transactional Processes

As one of our readers pointed out recently, we forgot we hadn't published this final part of the series - our apologies for that. Better […]

Don’t Forget Logistics – A Cautionary Coconut Story

My first job in procurement was very much a supply chain role, as Buyer for a range of raw materials at Mars Confectionery. Dairy products […]

Supply Chain Risk and the Cross-Channel Problems

Labor Day

Particularly if you are a reader in England, Scotland or Wales, have you ever modelled - as part of your supply chain risk planning - […]

Military Inventory – Great News about the Goalposts!

Very well spotted by Michael Savage, Times journalist, who pointed out via Twitter this parliamentary question and response. (He's well worth following - @michaelsavage) Madeleine […]

WOW. Ships!! We love this…

Sometimes, even after you think you've got blase about the Internet and what it can do, you see something that makes you go "WOW". This […]

Supply Management procurement outsourcing article from DHL

Good to see an interesting advertisement article in Supply Management and on their blog  from Roger West of DHL, explaining the huge benefits they have […]