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Market-informed sourcing

Complex Sourcing and How it Relates to Market-Informed Sourcing Technology

Last month, we launched our new briefing paper, sponsored by sourcing technology firm Trade Extensions, and titled,  What defines complex sourcing – and why does […]

Complex Sourcing – Download our New Paper Now

How do you classify and segment the different types of procurement activity that go on in your business or organisation? There is a fine question […]

Supplier Relationship Management – the Impact of Market Informed Sourcing and e-Auctions

There are some interesting discussions to be had around Supplier Relationship Management (our Hot Topic for this month) and technology. Not in terms of the […]

MISing INACTION: Market Informed Sourcing Adoption Is Growing But It Is Still Low. Why?

We are pleased to bring you this insightful analysis from Garry Mansell, CEO Trade Extensions, world-class online sourcing and optimisation experts. Trade Extensions has recently launched TESS […]

Our Seasonal Case Study as Market-Informed Sourcing Saves Christmas…

Let’s come back to our recent case study, looking at how a very special client was able to use advanced optimisation software to sort out […]

A Special Christmas Case Study from Trade Extensions

You may have noticed their logo appearing over there to your right, and we’re delighted to welcome back Trade Extensions as a Lead sponsor for […]

Sourcing Optimisation part 2 — why it is emerging only now

In the second of a three-part series, Alan Gleeson of Keelvar, explores what sourcing optimisation is and why it has taken so long to become […]

Sourcing Optimisation part 1 — the context

A recent post by Peter Smith asked why don’t we hear more noise in the procurement world about Market Informed Sourcing? One reason Peter cited for […]

The Sourcing Revolution – Market-Informed Sourcing

Last week I was lucky enough to go with Peter Smith and watch him lead one of the BravoSolution Real World Sourcing expert briefings (which […]

Spend Matters Papers: Market-Informed Sourcing; A game-changer for Procurement

So here’s the plan - through August we’re going to highlight all the research papers, briefings and so on that we’ve produced in the last […]

Spend Matters Papers: Sourcing Optimisation – Extracting Value from Complexity

So here’s a plan - through August we’re going to highlight all the research papers, briefings and so on that we’ve produced in the last […]

Procurement challenges ahead as weather hits crop production

Back from Dubai and temperatures of 38C (just short of 100 degrees F), we arrived at Heathrow last Thursday to sleet showers. Now things picked […]