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Marketing and Procurement Can Help Stop Social Media Evil

So what is worse – modern slavery or paedophilia? Procurement professionals - through CIPS and other initiatives such as Electronics Watch – are taking a […]

Gerry Preece at ProcureCon Marketing – The End of Marketing Procurement?

At the recent ProcureCon Marketing event in London, there was an absolutely first-class keynote from Gerry Preece, titled “Marketing Procurement 3.0 - What’s Next?” Preece […]

Pepsi Ad – That’s What Happens When You Fire Your Procurement People

… and talking of Pepsi, as we wrote here in our article principally about United Airlines, how on earth did that dreadful advert get made? […]

Digital Media – A Vacancy for a Campaigning Category Manager?

Reading the latest from Marc Pritchard, P&G’s Chief Brand Officer, in his battle to get some transparency in the digital media world, it struck me […]

P&G Not Happy With Digital Media – An Opportunity For Procurement?

We’ve seen procurement and supply chain issues hitting the press more than ever in recent years, but last week The Times featured an area that […]

The Best Procurement Books of 2016: Music Rights Without Fights

Last Christmas we did a round-up of the procurement books published in 2015, and marvelled at the quality; from Magnus Carlsson on IKEA, Abby Semple […]

Procurement of Marketing Services – Consider the Sub-Categories

We enjoyed this article on the Spend Matters USA website. Written by Peter Portanova, senior project analyst for Source One Management Services, it is provocatively […]

Lessons For Procurement From The Music Licensing World

We wrote a couple of weeks ago about Big Sync and the fascinating business of music licensing and more widely how brands are using music […]

Big Sync – Music, Marketing and Procurement of “Sonic Logos”

We've featured Richard Kirstein here a number of times, his excellent book and his work in the field of buying music rights.  It's a fascinating […]

Value Categories – When It Is Right To Spend More

We've had a lot of coverage here recently of marketing services procurement, driven in the main by the recent ProcureCon Marketing event, and it reminded […]

Unilever’s Foundry – Finding Innovative Start-Ups To Drive Marketing Performance (part 1)

You may start reading this post and think it is only relevant for marketing services procurement people. Please think again and read on – part […]

ProcureCon Marketing – Day One at the Leading-Edge Procurement Conference

The ProcureCon Marketing event at London's Tower Hotel kicked off on a grey June morning, but with a good level of enthusiasm amongst delegates. There […]