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Down the Procurement Pub with Rain, the NHS, Andy Davies and Maisie Peters

Well, I made it, my two days and 110 miles of cycling went well, although weather was foul on Monday, constant rain, and the “highlight” […]

Down the Procurement Pub with DWP, Basware, Cycling, the NHS and John Smith

After eWorld last week, we repaired to the Westminster Arms, which when I finally write my political thriller will be a key location, as the […]

Events For Your Diary – Our RoundUp of What’s Coming Soon

For the next few weeks at least, we are going to be giving you a round-up every Friday of forthcoming events that we’re involved with […]

Another NHS Fraud – “Sophisticated” Crooks or Bad Practice?

The NHS is huge, so we should not be surprised that there seems to be a regular stream of fraud cases from within the organisation, […]

No, Minister – Be Careful About Supplier Bias, Even If The Tech Is Good For The NHS

The appointment of Matt Hancock as the UK's  top Health Minister a few months back followed the upheaval around Boris Johnson and other Brexiteers leaving […]

Down the Procurement Pub with the NHS, Amazon, Blockchain and Welshly Arms

Not much pubbing this week but I'm back in the north-east now, and this is my cousin Kathryn's pub, the Lambton Arms in Sherburn village. […]

NHS Services – CCG Commissioning Issues Need Attention

Sometimes we get a "comment" on a post that is so interesting, we want to run it as a full article on the basis that […]

Surrey NHS Commissioning – Surely An Avoidable Legal Battle

The county of Surrey is gaining an unwanted reputation for screwing up NHS commissioning-type procurement exercises. After Virgin won £2 million in damages last year, […]

Down the Procurement Pub with Jaggaer, the NHS, Deloitte, 4C/Scanmarket and Fickle Friends

My colleague Nancy Clinton and I had a very pleasant lunch yesterday with the Jaggaer team - Richard Hogg, Julian Kulkarni and Joey Lai (who […]

Down the Procurement Pub with NHS SBS, Reading, Cloudbuy and Bad Sounds

I had lunch this week with my friend Guy Allen, forgot to take any pics again -  but here’s one that I think was from […]

DHL Fails to Halt NHS Supply Chain Logistics Contract Award

We featured here the DHL challenge to the Department of Health / NHS (the contracting authority is “Supply Chain Co-ordination Ltd” - SCCL) over the […]

Down the Procurement Festival with Determine, Proactis, Bloom, NHS Fraud and Faim

Well, my only trip to the pub this very quiet week was with my colleague Nancy for our monthly catch-up in person, and we forgot […]