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Delays to NHS Future Operating Model Supply Chain Contracts

What’s going on with the NHS / Department of Health “Future Operating Model*” programme? The NHS Supply Chain website last week published an article titled […]

New DH Company To Oversee Procurement Future Operating Model

We wrote here about the trend for NHS Trusts to set up dodgy subsidiary companies in what appears to be an effort to avoid VAT […]

NHS Subsidiary Companies – The Next Public Sector Scandal?

There is an increasing and worrying trend in the NHS for hospital trusts to set up subsidiary companies and move groups of staff into those […]

Ensuring that NHS Professional Services Spend Delivers Value

This is another in our series of articles relating to good practice in terms of procurement of consulting and related services, published in conjunction with […]

NHS Consultancy Spend – Is It Really A Waste Of Money?

The NHS seems to have been cropping up on our radar for a number of different reasons in the recent days, and one very interesting […]

NHS Trusts Delaying Payment To Suppliers – Time For SCF?

The crisis in NHS funding is beginning to have a serious effect on suppliers to the UK health sector. We recently spoke to the owner […]

The NHS Commissioning Revolution – And Why It Might Fail (Part 2)

In part 1, we talked about how the NHS is looking to move from an approach to service delivery based on competition and contracts to […]

Down the Procurement Pub with the NHS, Politics and Bausa

We’re not quite back in the swing yet for 2018, so another reminder of happy 2017 times with a picture from the CIPS wine tasting […]

Drugs Procurement, Markets and Incentives – “Shortages” Drive Up Prices

One day, there will be an academic discipline around incentives. It will encompass aspects of economics, behavioural psychology and contract law. It will recognise how […]

Hospital Procurement League Tables – Alan and Kirsty Give Their Views!

At the HCSA health procurement conference last week, we opened my session with a spoof "radio show", with our pundits discussing the recent procurement league […]

Coffee with Melinda Johnson – Health Commercial Director Impresses at HCSA Event

We’re going to have a few articles this week (and probably into next) about last week’s HCSA (Health Care Supply Association) conference, covering my own […]

HCSA Conference – A Good First Day, and a Mystery …

Yesterday morning dawned cold and bright (with scattered wintry showers) in the lovely Yorkshire spa town of Harrogate, home to Betty’s tea-shop and more upmarket […]