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A Seat at the Top Table – Spend Matters Top Papers

In the run up to Christmas and my passing over the Spend Matters UK/Europe reins, we’re going to feature some of the briefing papers I’ve […]

The Contracts Factory – Clocking On In Time for GDPR Enforcement

As we are all aware, it’s not long to go now until the GDPR comes into force – May 25th this year to be exact. […]

Odesma Wins First Contracts, Recruits From Xchanging

We caught up recently with Ed Cross (pictured here), one of the founders of Odesma, the new procurement solutions firm we first reported on a […]

Down the Procurement Pub with Munir Podumljak, Odesma, Sir Bernard, the Front Covers, Bravo Connect and Wolf Alice (phew)!

This is our new friend Munir Podumljak, an anti-corruption campaigner from Croatia who made the stand-out speech at last week's European Commission public procurement conference […]

Down the Procurement Pub with Procurious, Odesma, Occumen and Florence

Here is a picture from the dinner at the end of the Procurious Big Issues event yesterday (thanks to Sigi Osagie for the loan of […]

Odesma Offers a New Take on Procurement Services and Outsourcing

So, you might be wondering, whatever happened to Ironman aficionado (see picture) Ed Cross? He was the MD of Xchanging’s Procurement Services business for some […]