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More Hot News From Welsh Procurement, KFC and North Korea …

Two interesting procurement stories broke yesterday – we will come back to both on more detail early next week. In the first, the Welsh National […]

The Conservative Party Manifesto – Public Procurement Not An Issue

The Conservative Party manifesto was published last week, and while unlike the Labour version it doesn’t make many new spending commitments, it does signal a […]

Lord Maude Interview In Supply Management Pulls Its Punches

The new issue of Supply Management magazine features an interview with Francis Maude, now Lord Maude, who was the “Minster for Procurement” in the 2010-15 […]

David Cameron To Speak at ISM Conference – An Expensive Gimmick?

The US Institute of Supply Management has booked the ex-Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron, as the keynote speaker for their 2017 conference in […]

Minister for Procurement Appointed, No Experience Needed

Peter, thanks for popping in to see me. That’s all right – and congratulations on your promotion, I’m delighted you’ve stepped up to the CEO […]

Brexit – Risk and Opportunity for Procurement and Organisations

Procurement is, when it comes down to it, all about risk and opportunity. As a function and as practitioners, we manage the interface between the […]

Comments on Brexit From Wax Digital and 4C Associates

We've started getting some comments in from our friends in the procurement industry. No doubt more will follow, but here are the first couple. Firstly, […]

UK Government Wants To “Change Procurement Rules” to Bail Out Steel Industry – Here’s Why It Won’t Work

Chinese demand

Last November the Crown Commercial Service issued a guidance document around how public procurement could legitimately and legally support the British steel industry. Fast forward […]

Spending Review – Is Lack of Comment About Crown Commercial Service Significant?

The Spending Review last week may have been good news for the Police and recipients of tax credits, but it was bad news for wannabe […]

Scottish Government Guidance on Fair Work Practices – Ridiculous and Political

Last week we saw the issue of a new set of guidance from the Scottish Government titled "Selection of Tenderers and Award of Contracts - […]

UK Government Uses Public Procurement to Encourage Apprenticeships

A couple of weeks ago, the UK government announced that firms’ willingness to provide apprenticeships -vocational training for (usually) young staff – would be taken […]

New Minister Matt Hancock – there’s “more to do” on UK Government Procurement

We continue our analysis of the new UK government as we try and work out what it might mean for Crown Commercial Services (CCS) and […]