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Down the Procurement Pub with the NHS, Politics and Bausa

We’re not quite back in the swing yet for 2018, so another reminder of happy 2017 times with a picture from the CIPS wine tasting […]

Public Spend Forum Europe – Public Procurement Highlights from This Week

Public Spend Forum is dedicated to public sector procurement and aims to be a global community and knowledge network for improving public procurement and the public sector […]

Down The Procurement Pub with Bloom, eInvoicing and Tom Petty

No pub pics today – it has been a truly horrible week. Above all, we saw the tragic events in Las Vegas, and while our […]

Bombardier and Boeing Trade Dispute Threatens Jobs – Bad News For Procurement Too

The trade dispute between Bombardier and Boeing, which involves the governments of the US, Canada and the UK highlights the complexity of these matters. The […]

Maude Lays Into Civil Service – But Did His Procurement Reforms Work?

Francis (Lord) Maude, ex Minister for the Cabinet Office and de facto “minister for procurement” from 2010-15 has laid into the civil service.  Civil Service […]

Trump on Afghanistan and the Garden Bridge – Two Examples of the Same Fallacy

Two seemingly unconnected events of the past couple of weeks actually both emphasised one of the most basic, fundamental and yet often ignored principles of […]

Geo-political Supply Chain Risk – Download Our Latest Risk Briefing Here

In the fifth (and last) of our series of short papers about supply chain risks, written in conjunction with risk solution platform providers riskmethods, we […]

Caroline Nokes Is the UK’s New Minister for Procurement

The responsibilities of the UK Cabinet Office Ministers have not yet been officially confirmed (according to gov.uk website) but we understand that Parliamentary Secretary Caroline […]

Both UK Economic and Global Geo-Political Risks Grow

We don’t often talk about supply chain risk two days running but there are good reasons to do that today. We mentioned our new paper […]

Grenfell Tower – A Complex Supply Chain Will Be Examined as Culprits Sought

It is hard to know where to start with the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy. It is one of those events where one just cannot bear […]

UK Election – Random Observations

We’re all still a little bit in shock here after the election. As this is published, I am on my way to Prague for the […]

UK Election Chaos – Weak and Wobbly, Not Strong and Stable

Well that wasn’t supposed to happen, was it? I hope your business risk analysis considered the option of more months of political and economic uncertainty. […]