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Best Practice – The Holy Grail of Procurement

Another of the presentations we attended at eWorld on March 1st came from Graham Bell and Peter Stediford, both client engagement managers at Capita Integrated […]

Public Spend Forum Europe – Public Procurement Highlights from this Week

Public Spend Forum Europe is dedicated to European public sector procurement, and aims to be a global community and knowledge network for public procurement and the public […]

Negotiation: Time To Change Mindset and Approach? Part 1

This advisory post comes to us from Christo Zeller, Principal, at Efficio, the procurement consulting firm. Part 2 follows tomorrow. Picture the following scenario: a supplier […]

SRM and the Importance of Teamwork

Towards the end of last year, we ran a series of supplier relationship management-related posts from ex-CPO, SRM guru and Managing Director at Four Pillars, David […]

Time To Rebalance Procurement’s ‘Cost over Value’ Philosophy

Daniel Ball, Founder and  Director at Wax Digital considers the cost over value equation that shapes our purchasing decisions. According to a survey by retail analyst Conlumino, […]

A Firm but Fair Approach to Supplier Portal Use

Supplier portal engagement can be a major challenge: Daniel Ball, director at Wax Digital, UK eProcurement solution provider of Source-to-Pay solutions to mid-size and large […]

30 Under 30 Supply Chain Superstars + more webinars and research

Late last month, ThomasNet and the Institute for Supply Management announced the winners of the first “30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars” recognition program - and we'll be featuring interviews with the winners over the next few weeks. We're also doing a webinar next week on The White House's SupplierPay initiative (if anyone is interested in the American side of things) and we know you're dying to figure out how much was spent on Valentine's Day last weekend.

Confessions of a Procurement Recruitment specialist – an insider’s experience Part 2

We are delighted to bring you the second part of a first-hand look into procurement recruitment best practice from Peter Brophy at Edbury Daley. We […]

Confessions of a Procurement Recruitment specialist – an insider’s experience

We are delighted to bring you this first-hand look into procurement recruitment best practice from Peter Brophy at Edbury Daley. Peter has been recruiting Procurement […]

Procurement Provider Net Promoter Study – £15 for 15 mins of your time

Many procurement organizations benchmark their internal services using customer satisfaction surveys, and some have adopted the Net Promoter Score methodology as a variation on the satisfaction score. So I thought it’d be great to extend the approach out to external procurement service providers – starting with procurement software [service] providers. But satisfaction without context doesn’t mean much, so we’re launching the first round of an ongoing “benchmark” survey that gauges procurement provider satisfaction scores for six different procurement process areas. The best part? If you complete the survey, we'll give you a £15 Amazon gift card and free 7-day access to Spend Matters PRO.

How e-Sourcing Is Used in Practice at Crossrail — a BravoSolution Case Study

We can all read the text book prose that describes why for efficient and effective procurement processes we need to invest in e-procurement, or specifically e-sourcing tools. What that doesn’t tell the heads of procurement who have to make these decisions is how this really works in practice. What's wrong with what we are already doing? Who is actually using this software on a daily basis? What are the business drivers that lead a firm to invest in these tools? How can they realistically transform your procurement process? And what are the real business benefits derived from implementing such tools? Nothing can answer these questions better than a company that has already done the ground work - implemented, tested, surmounted the challenges and reaped the benefits, especially if that company is as widely known as Crossrail Ltd.

Dr Ian George on Procurement Transformation – Causing Change

(We’re delighted to feature the final post in the series on Procurement Transformation from Dr Ian George. Ian is a senior partner and practising consultant […]