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Getting To Grips With Tail Spend – Without The Barriers

We welcome this guest post from Ian Nethercot MCIPS, supply chain director at Probrand Look at any organisation’s spending habits and you’ll typically find a large […]

Simone Halep’s Dress Negotiations and Effective BATNAs

Many observers wondered why Simona Halep wore a plain red dress, without sponsors logo, for the Australian Open tennis tournament which finished at the weekend. […]

Implementing Procurement Efficiency / Cost Reduction Programmes – Market Management

As we said here, we are in a period of considerable economic and political uncertainty for many businesses and indeed public sector organisations too. Uncertainty […]

What Do You Do When a Supplier Underperforms? Remember “reversion to the mean”

Getting to Yes is for me the most important non-fiction book of my lifetime, and we've talked about it here several times. Daniel Kahneman is […]

Kath Harmeston / Co-op Employment Tribunal (part 3) – the Consequences

We return to Marie Clair Kidd's report on the Kath Harmeston / Co-op Employment Tribunal Hearing - see part 1 here and part 2 here. […]

Sales versus Procurement – Are They Just Two Sides of the Same Coin?

Alan Day, founder and chairman of State of Flux, a global procurement consultancy and SRM software company, discusses how Procurement could learn a thing or […]

The Twelve Procurement Days of Christmas – Our Briefing Paper Available Here!

Now you really should be in the Christmas mood, you might want to go back to last year and the BravoSolution Real World Sourcing briefing […]

Can You Really Use Google to Benchmark Purchases?

From a procurement perspective, a search engine is still a long way from being a satisfactory benchmarking tool. In this advisory piece, Al Nagar, head of […]

CSR, Sustainability and SRM – A Powerful Partnership (part 1)

Lance Younger, CEO, Nils van de Winkel, Analyst, Statess (leading consultants and experts in collaborative platforms for managing supplier relationships, performance and productivity) and Alis Sindbjerg Hemmingsen, Responsible […]

Qatar World Cup – If It Were a Procurement Process, We Would Start Again

The Qatar World Cup story just keeps getting more and more outrageous. Now, FIFA, the world's governing body for football, has decided that it will […]

To Be or Not To Be Ethical – In Defence of Food Buyers

Professor Andrew Cox, founder and leader of the International Institute for Advanced Purchasing & Supply, Chair of its Advisory Board, ex Birmingham University professor and procurement […]

The supplier’s lament  — Hey! You’re no amateur buyer, right? – part 2

We are pleased to bring you part two of Stephen Ashcroft’s  (procurement risk coach at Brian Farrington) post which shares the company’s learnings from dealing with […]