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The Procurement Analysts’ Reel – An Interview with Nick Heinzmann

As we explained in our post last week, we are running a series of podcasts we have named The Analysts' Reel – in them we […]

Big Changes on the Horizon for Team Procurement

We welcome this guest post from Daniel Ball, Director, director at Wax Digital looking at what the future holds for 'Team Procurement.' Over recent years we’ve spent lots […]

Are CPOs and supply chain directors endangered species?

We are pleased to bring you this guest post from Garry Mansell, CEO, Trade Extensions. He is  a Fellow of CIPS and CILT , and from his perspective […]

Procurement role and strategy for super-fast-moving supply markets

How can procurement contribute when supply markets are moving incredibly quickly and are critical to the success of the buying organisation’s business?  That question came […]