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Responsible Procurement

Public Spend Forum Europe – Public Procurement Highlights from This Week

Public Spend Forum is dedicated to public sector procurement and aims to be a global community and knowledge network for improving public procurement and the public sector […]

Sustainable Procurement Standard Assessment – Why Wouldn’t You?

A new International Standard for sustainable procurement best practice – ISO 20400 – was launched earlier this year. It’s important to say this is a […]

Responsible Procurement from Alis Sindbjerg Hemmingsen at the Trade Extensions Event

At the recent Trade Extensions customer conference (see our previous articles here, here and here), one of the key note sessions came from Alis Sindbjerg […]

Apple and Foxconn – do we need an Undercover Supply Manager?

(We're pleased to feature another guest post from Gordon Murray - his excellent blog is here. All views are of course Dr Murray's own). I'm […]

Responsible Procurement Management and Sanofi – part 2

Here is part 2 of our guest post from Alis Sindbjerg Hemmingsen, who runs Responsible Procurement Excellence in Copenhagen. Alis continues with her review of […]

Responsible Procurement Management and Sanofi (part 1)

We’re pleased to feature a guest post from Alis Sindbjerg Hemmingsen, who runs Responsible Procurement Excellence in Copenhagen and is an expert on all things […]

Dark Procurement – ethics and moral dilemmas

(We're pleased to have another guest post from Dr Gordon Murray, procurement writer, academic and practitioner - see his own excellent blog here). The tragedy […]

Down the Procurement Pub – CIPS Surrey, a Times hagiography , and better UK GDP numbers

Thanks to everyone who came to the YMCA Guildford (all together now, "Y M C A - ay") last night for my presentation to the […]

Sustainable Procurement – has UK Government interest waned?

We’ve covered the recent report from the UK National Audit Office on “Improving government procurement” in some depth, but they also recently issued a briefing […]

What is your Responsible Procurement strategy?

It’s a while (too long) since we featured Alis Sindbjerg Hemmingsen who runs Responsible Procurement Excellence   (based in Denmark and  no connection with my consulting […]

The Eighth Day of Christmas – Paying a “Fair” Price for Raw Materials?

Dear Leader, I can understand the annoyance that you and your Council colleagues felt this morning when you could not get into the car park […]

The Second Day of Christmas – reputational risk through sourcing controlled products

(11 working days to Christmas – here’s part 2 in our special procurement best practice series). Jim, Thanks for the note asking for our help […]