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Wetherspoons’ Steak Shortage Raises Supply Chain Risk Issues

What seemed at first to be a somewhat humorous news story last week turned into something more serious for many businesses. It first hit the […]

Risk and Governance in the Utilities Sector – Discussion in Cardiff

Last week I took the train to Cardiff for a BravoSolution workshop at the Principality Stadium aimed mainly at the utilities sector and focused on […]

Down the Procurement Pub with Andrew Daley, Bloom, Geo-Political Risk and Courtney Barnett

Lots of socialising this week as Jason Busch passed through London and I spoke at the Bloom event (see below). Let’s go with this, as […]

Procurement In The Utilities Sector – Event Next Week in Cardiff

Attention readers in Wales and the Bristol area! Next week, on Wednesday November 22nd, I’m in Cardiff for a BravoSolution event, held at the Principality […]

Making Sure the Price Is Right

With inflation on the rise and the fallout from Brexit expected to see costs increase, procurement teams need to consider how to mitigate against price […]

Unavoidable Supply Chain Risk – Don’t Ignore it!

We’re involved in a webinar with risk management solution providers riskmethods next week - that’s at 4pm UK time on Thursday, October 12th. It’s titled […]

Unavoidable Supply Chain Risk – Join Us For October 12th Webinar

We’re involved in a webinar with risk management solution providers riskmethods in a couple of weeks’ time - that’s at 4pm UK time on Thursday […]

Both UK Economic and Global Geo-Political Risks Grow

We don’t often talk about supply chain risk two days running but there are good reasons to do that today. We mentioned our new paper […]

Supplier Financial Risk – Suggested Mitigation Strategies From Our Briefing Paper

We have been focusing here regularly on procurement and supply chain risk in the past few months, and we produced this paper on risk at […]

An Everyday Story of Reputational Risk – Supplier Failure the Cause

It shouldn’t be a shock to anyone, really, but it never fails to surprise me how procurement and supply chain issues come into every part […]

Supply Chain Risk – Download Our Free Paper Now

We have a new briefing paper (sponsored by riskmethods, but written independently) available to download now. It is titled Supply Chain Risk – Getting To […]