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New EU Regulations allow early engagement — Public Spend Matters Europe Post

Engaging with suppliers before the beginning of a formal procurement process has for many years been seen as normal in the private sector. For any case where the requirement is complex, or the market is uncertain, or there are a range of possible solutions, then talking to potential suppliers early in the process can help. But many public sector professionals have been nervous about this “market engagement,” because it runs the risk that later on, other potential suppliers might claim that the process was unfair that they were not also “engaged.” If the supplier winning the contract was one that was involved in the engagement, then others would claim that this gave the winner an unfair advantage.

2 Key Strategies in Planning for Supplier Relationship Win-Win

Earlier this month we wrote “Is win-win in supplier relationships impossible? Andrew Cox thinks so, we’re not so sure” in response to “The Problem with […]

OB10 Guide to e-Invoicing supplier engagement

As well as their exciting news regarding their corporate status, OB10, leaders in e-invoicing, have released a free “Supplier Engagement Handbook”, covering the issues around […]