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Supply Chain Risk, Heatwave, Drought, Maths and Hedges

As the heatwave and drought continues in the UK, procurement and supply chain managers will be looking at their contingency plans if we get into […]

NHS Supply Chain Technology Contract – And The Winner Is …

We’ve written a lot over the past year or two about the new National Health Service “Future Operating Model” (FOM), the central procurement and supply […]

Carbon Dioxide Shortages Bite, Highlighting Procurement & Supply Chain Issues

The carbon dioxide shortage has gone from being a bit of a humourous news story in the UK to a really serious matter for many […]

Health Care Supply Association Summer Conference – Highlights From Sunny Solihull

Last Thursday the Health Care Supply Association held its summer conference in Solihull. This is a secondary event to the major annual conference in the […]

The Cash Conversion Cycle – Did You Know CCC=DIO+DSO-DPO?

We are pleased to bring you another insightful article from Michael Lamoureux, who writes for Spend Matters US (we've left the US spelling for authenticity) and […]

IT Supply Chain Developments and Their Impact on Buying Decisions

Here's the latest look at the IT market from Ian Nethercott, MCIPS, Supply Chain Director at IT digital marketplace Probrand, to help you with your […]

Advice from Ferrero on Brexit Planning and Supply Chain Risk – SME Preparedness Is Critical!

You may have read our post on Edbury Daley’s workshop at eWorld in March ‘Brexit Contingency Planning at eWorld – Or Lack of It.’ Andrew Daley […]

Kentucky Fried Chicken Supply Failure, What Went Wrong? – The Phantom CPO Speaks

We have had an unusual guest article submitted from someone (something?) that calls him- or herself “The Phantom CPO!” All they would tell us is […]

More Hot News From Welsh Procurement, KFC and North Korea …

Two interesting procurement stories broke yesterday – we will come back to both on more detail early next week. In the first, the Welsh National […]

Jamie Foster of McLaren – Lessons from a Senior Procurement Career

The keynote at eWorld last week came from Jamie Foster, Group Procurement Director at McLaren Technology Group, and previously Procurement Director for several years at […]

Questions Remain Over Kentucky Fried Chicken Supply Chain Debacle

No doubt the Kentucky Fried Chicken supply debacle will fade from the collective memory quickly, but at the moment there are many questions unanswered. It’ll […]

The Passport Office – A Personal Supply Chain Experience

My UK passport was getting close to expiry (June), and as I may well be needing it in March, April and May, I thought the […]