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Supply chain risk

How To Integrate Real-Time Supplier Risk Insight Into Your Procurement Processes

Perhaps the biggest change in procurement focus in my time in the profession has been the increased focus on risk management. Awareness of risk was […]

Does Supply Chain Risk Management Matter For Services?

We hope those of you who tuned in for our webinar last week with riskmethods, titled "Making the Case for Supply Chain Risk Management", found […]

Building the Business Case for Supply Chain Risk Management

Our webinar on October 9th is going to tackle a dilemma faced by many procurement executives and functions. To put it in context, we’ve probably […]

What Do Rising Temperatures Mean for Food and Beverage Procurement?

We welcome this guest post from Peter Wortsman, Chief Commercial Officer at Cervest, who specialise in supply chain risk.   “It is not the strongest of […]

Carbon Dioxide Shortages Bite, Highlighting Procurement & Supply Chain Issues

The carbon dioxide shortage has gone from being a bit of a humourous news story in the UK to a really serious matter for many […]

Brexit Planning and Supply Chain Risk – Advice for SMEs (Part 2)

In Part 1 yesterday, Advice from Ferrero on Brexit Planning and Supply Chain Risk - SME Preparedness Is Critical!, we explained how we came to […]

KFC Hands Work Back To Previous Supplier – Raises Sourcing Strategy Questions

So Kentucky Fried Chicken had to eat humble (chicken?) pie and go back to their previous logistics supplier, Bidvest, at least for the north of […]

The Weather Forecast – Supply Chain Risk Will Be High On the Agenda!

As I look outside on this bright, sunny morning, it is hard to believe that just a week ago I could hardly get out of […]

Russell Hume Goes Under, About 300 Jobs Lost – The FSA Needs To Tell Us More

I’ve been fuming for days about the news last week that Russell Hume Ltd, the meat supplier to Wetherspoons who hit problems a few weeks […]

World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report 2018 – A Critical Period of Intensified Risk

Yesterday saw the launch of the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2018. The Global Risks Report is published every year (now in its 13th edition) and […]

The Year of Sustainable Progress

EcoVadis provides reliable sustainability indicators on suppliers to help procurement teams monitor CSR/ESG practices. Its Co-CEO, Pierre-Francois Thaler, gives us an overview of how the firm sees […]