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Supply chain risk

Palmer & Harvey – Another Example of Supply Chain Risk

Last week, Palmer & Harvey, one of the largest wholesale distributors of grocery, tobacco and related products in the UK, went bust. Sadly, there were […]

Crisis in Catalonia – the Supply Chain Risk Perspective

There are many implications and issues around the events in Catalonia, with the government there declaring independence from Spain. That was rapidly followed by the […]

Supply Chain Risk Webinar – Recording Available Now

If you missed our webinar a couple of weeks back, you can still access it here and listen to Heiko Schwarz (co-founder of risk management […]

Supply Chain Risk Webinar – Correction to UK Timing

We’ve told you about our webinar this Thursday, 12th October with risk solution provider riskmethods, titled Unavoidable Supply Chain Risk: How to Prevent Avoidable Risk […]

Unavoidable Supply Chain Risk – Don’t Ignore it!

We’re involved in a webinar with risk management solution providers riskmethods next week - that’s at 4pm UK time on Thursday, October 12th. It’s titled […]

Unavoidable Supply Chain Risk – Join Us For October 12th Webinar

We’re involved in a webinar with risk management solution providers riskmethods in a couple of weeks’ time - that’s at 4pm UK time on Thursday […]

Supply Chain Risk Papers – Download the Whole Series

If you are a diligent and regular reader you may have spotted that over the past couple of months we have published five short briefing […]

Dr Robert Handfield and David Atkinson – BravoSolution Real World Procurement Webinars

In the latest of the BravoSolution Real World Procurement webinars, last week Dr Robert Handfield talked about “Creating Transparency in the Supply Chain to Reduce […]

Spend Matters US on Hurricane Harvey and Supply Chain Impacts

Houston may seem a long way away for many of us, but pictures of the incredible flooding have shown the terrible effects of hurricane Harvey, […]

Don’t Let Your Supply Chain Give You Shell Shock

This guest post comes to us from Daniel Ball, director at Wax Digital.  Just as the 2013 horsemeat scandal was becoming a distant memory, supermarkets have […]

Geo-political Supply Chain Risk – An Extract From Our New Paper

In the fifth (and last) in our series of short papers about supply chain risks, and written in conjunction with risk solution platform providers riskmethods, […]