Afternoon Coffee: MBO Partners Releases ‘Client of Choice’ Report, How Iranian Airlines Obtain U.S. Parts Through Turkey

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MBO Partners, a provider of independent workforce solutions, released Tuesday its “Client of Choice” report, which examines how and why independent professionals pick the clients with whom they choose to engage. An Iranian airline under U.S. sanctions has purchased U.S.-made jet engines and parts through a Turkish front company over the last several years. Afternoon Coffee brings you the latest in procurement and supply chain news.

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What is Market Intelligence, and is it Relevant to Procurement?

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As procurement takes on increased strategic importance within companies, purchasing professionals are being asked to do even more with their limited time. This is especially true when sourcing direct materials, which requires keen attention to many changing economic factors outside of the organization. To make the best decisions possible without falling behind, procurement must ensure it has access to and effectively uses supply market intelligence. To help practitioners understand why, this three-part series first outlines the key pillars of market intelligence, explaining why companies seek out this capability. It then explores why market intelligence matters to procurement, and concludes with an analysis of why businesses should seek help from a third-party provider to build out a market intelligence program.

Business Intelligence to Transform Procurement