No More Ariba Network Prisoners: 75,000 Suppliers (and Counting) are Transacting for Free

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Procurement transformation is usually about incrementalism. For a function that’s fairly conservative — and stands to lose more by making individual mistakes than it stands to gain from individual successes — this is a reasonable approach. But sometimes step changes happen fast. And sometimes, it happens with suppliers to procurement organizations, too. The rapid rise of Amazon Business has been one of these changes, whether that’s perceived as good or bad. But for SAP Ariba customers, another one on the same order of magnitude in the past 12 months has been the adoption of suppliers transacting with free accounts.

How AI Will Help Procurement Overcome the Historical Flaws of Spend Analytics

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Spend analytics technology is not new to procurement. Yet a significant number of practitioners report feeling overwhelmed by the amount of data they have to handle, let alone knowing how to make sense of it all in a meaningful way. How can this be when the technology to solve such problems has existed for several decades? The answer lies in the historical flaws of the spend analytics market. Up until now, the dirty secret is that analytics technology has actually performed worse than humans at classifying spend data. But with advances in machine learning, particularly the power of deep learning, the gaps in analytics offerings are beginning to narrow.

Business Intelligence to Transform Procurement