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The first two months of Spend Matters has been a great success. Our page views are far ahead of expectations, and our readers continue to tell us on an almost daily basis how much this forum is needed in the market. Given this success, we have decided to cast the net and look for additional sponsors. If you have an interest in learning more or would like to discuss sponsorship options, drop a line: admin@spendmatters.com In the future, we’ll be continuing our coverage and analysis of the Spend Management sector. But look for more frequent postings, as well as guest interviews and even guest blogs in the coming weeks and months. At some point, we'll even get around to improving the design, navigation, and flexibility of the blog. But we'll never sacrifice style for substance. Spend Matters is here to stay. We've proven the concept, and are incredibly excited about where we're headed. Consider what you’ve seen so far a foundation. We’re about to start building up! -Jason Busch

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