Getting Involved: Beyond the Benchmark

We know that there's a split In Spend Matters readership between advisors (e.g. consultants, vendors, media, analysts, etc.) and practitioners. And it’s obvious that for the later group, benchmarking surveys are a great way to get involved by offering a candid opinion about their perspective and experience with Spend Management.

But for everyone else, many surveys are not relevant, which begs the two questions:

What can we do to get involved?

How can we have a voice in Spend Management?

I decided to launch Spend Matters because I thought a blog would be a great chance to offer a voice and perspective to relevant issues - while also bringing a new enthusiasm to Spend Management and creating a community and forum for discussion. Obviously, I'd welcome - and encourage - anyone else to start a blog as well. I'll even give you tips for getting it off of the ground.

But for those who don't have the time to for such endeavors, why not make Spend Matters your voice? Post comments to blogs. Offer your opinions. Email me with ideas for stories, interviews, etc. Or send me links to what you’re reading if you think it’s relevant for the rest of the readers.

Get involved!

-Jason Busch

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