Stewart and Smock

Shelley Stewart Jr. is taking Spend Management to a new level as the VP Supply Chain at Tyco International. Despite rapid increases in plastics and metals costs, Tyco is boosting a three-year savings target from Operational Excellence from $3 billion to $4 billion (and that's NET money). The primary pillars of the project are volume leverage across the enterprise, electronic reverse auctions and low-cost country sourcing. The details of the Tyco sourcing program are outlined in a story at Global CPO, an information Web site for chief procurement officers launched by Doug Smock, the former chief editor of Purchasing.

Stewart, Smock, and two other CPOs are now finishing a book on supply transformation aimed at C-level executives. Watch here and for release date information.

I only recently came across Doug's site, but it's a great resource. The only thing missing — perhaps we could all egg him into it — is a CPO Blog. Perhaps that will come with the book launch...

In the meantime, click here for his story on Tyco.

-Jason Busch

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