An Update: Spend Management Analyst Coverage

Last week at Spend Matters, we featured upcoming AMR Research briefs and features that we thought would be of interest to our readers (the features are the last entry at the bottom of the page on the link).

This week, I'm pleased to announce that Aberdeen is also stepping up the plate, covering a number of hot Spend Management areas as well. I briefly mentioned their new feature piece of research, The CPO's Agenda, last week. The CPO's Agenda is accessible to all (you do not need to be an Aberdeen subscriber to gain access to it).

Of note, Aberdeen will soon be publishing an on-demand Spend Management study in the coming weeks. But the meantime, check out Chris Jones' new feature, Attacking Costs in a Globally Sourced Supply Chain.

Here at Spend Matters, we're excited that that AMR Research and Aberdeen are continuing to publish frequently on the Spend Management sector. But as important, we would encourage Yankee, IDC, Gartner, Forrester, and others to step up their efforts, expand their coverage, publish more frequently, and give Spend Management the research -- and respect -- it deserves.

-Jason Busch

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