Content and Catalog Management is not Dead

Do you remember the heyday of catalog and content management? I do. Back in the late nineties, as organizations initially began to look at implementing eProcurement tools from vendors like Ariba, Commerce One, and Rightworks, they realized that content was a bigger challenge than they first realized.

Because of this interest, everyone wanted a piece of the action. Virtually every major venture capital firm dove in head first, tossing out cash to promising upstarts like Monopoly money. But few survived to tell their tales. As the B2B market dried up, dozens of vendors began to build their own tombs in the .com graveyard.

But this is not a story of reincarnation -- or of the undead. In the past few days, I decided to satiate my curiosity on the subject by interviewing a number of analysts, consultants, and vendors about the current state of catalog and content management. In the next couple weeks -- between coffee, cocktails at conversation at Ariba LIVE -- I'll share with you some of my findings, many of which might surprise you. My main takeaway: content and catalog management is not dead. It's just changed. And it’s a story whose last chapter has not yet been written.

Stay tuned!

-Jason Busch

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