Tune Into Spend Matters Next Week for Ariba LIVE

I'll be down in Orlando next week covering Ariba LIVE for Spend Matters readers. Look for half a dozen or so posts per day starting on Tuesday.

For those who are attending, I hope to add some colorful commentary and analysis to the content of the event, as well as provider an insider, VIP take on what's going on. For those who can't make it, we'll try to capture the energy and feel of LIVE as well.

Going into LIVE, someone asked me if I wanted to be treated as a journalist or analyst. I said neither. Writing and editing a blog is something new. I would not pretend to have the training of a journalist or the depth of coverage and knowledge of a good analyst. And more important, my goals are different.

My aim for Spend Matters is to get everyone excited about Spend Management because I believe that it is a critical and sometimes under-examined area for many organizations. By calling attention to what journalists write, what analysts analyze, what vendors announce, and what end-users do -- along with a bit of commentary here and there -- Spend Matters aims to be a jumping off point -- not a destination. So consider our coverage of LIVE next week as a complement to what others are saying -- and writing.

On another note, I think the success of Spend Matters is a signal that blogs are reaching a business audience (in March, we reached over 4,000 unique visitors). Many of you have told me that Spend Matters is the first blog you've read. Recent coverage in the media supports the notion that blogs are catching on -- and going mainstream. Check out what Business Week had to say about the state of blogs in their recent article.

-Jason Busch

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