LIVE Summary Thoughts: Day One

Despite getting soaked from the downpour today, I've got to hand it to Ariba. The first day of LIVE combined the intimacy and content of FreeMarkets' WorldSource, with the size, scale and reach of last year's LIVE.

About the only criticism that I heard from attendees today was that the quality of break-out sessions was sometimes inconsistent and that it was hard for the breakouts to live up to the outstanding main stage content (which we'll continue to write about and examine in the coming days and weeks).

So all in all, an event very much worth attending packed with content to help organizations improve their Spend Management capabilities. And yes, for those who were not here, Gartner's Andy Kyte was as entertaining as always. I’d argue that they’re a few analysts who are deeper in Spend Management technology and process than Andy, but that no one can entertain and capture an audience like he can.

-Jason Busch

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